Shopify Provides Label Printing on Mobile App

Shopify Provides Label Printing on Mobile App

Printing App Allows Users to Fulfil Orders Directly from Smartphone

Shipping is often the most complex component of the online shopping experience. A new app has taken a step towards making it far simpler.

The online shopping age is all about convenience. For buyers, there is no doing battle with public transport or city centre car parks, followed by interminable traipsing from one shop to the next. It can all be done from the comfort of home, without having to change out of pyjamas or leave the armchair.

For the seller, the advantages are similarly manifest. The need for physical stores, and all the costly overheads that they entail is reduced, and for small businesses and affiliates, even the concept of inventory becomes obsolete.

In many ways, it sounds like a utopian vision. Buyers and sellers sitting at home, conducting their transactions with the television on in the background, while outside, the roads are clear and the air is fresh, as nobody needs to go anywhere. Of course, it is not quite that simple. There is the small matter that buying a shirt, a television set or a can of baked beans online is all well and good, but it still needs to find its way from the warehouse to the buyer.

Transitioning from the virtual, where the deal is done and the payment made, back the physical world is not always straightforward. However, a new app from Shopify at least simplifies one aspect, by allowing sellers to created printed labels at a single stroke.

New update to the Shopify app

The latest update to Shopify’s mobile app allows vendors to create and print shipping labels as well as managing their shipping workflows from any iOS or Android device. The innovations came within a whole set of updates that were released to help Shopify users weather the storm of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the run up to Christmas last year.

The ability to print shipping labels quickly and easily takes pressure off what has always been something of a pinch point in the online shopping experience. After all, with payments completed in a matter of seconds, getting the item labelled up and out of the door in a timely fashion is absolutely critical.

While large-scale sellers might have robust systems for getting this done quickly and painlessly, this new app will be a Godsend to smaller online traders. The flexibility of being able to process labels from a mobile platform, any time and from any location, will slash waiting times.

Using the new feature

On receipt of an order, all that shippers need to do is tap create shipping label, and select the shipping service and carrier they want to use. The label can then be purchased and printed at a single stroke. The Google Cloud Print or AirPrint function means the app can even detect the nearest printer.

Other features

The updated Shopify app still has all the existing features that go with Shopify Shipping. These include special reduced shipping rates from most of the leading global courier services.