SEO Agencies, Manchester Vs London

SEO Agencies, Manchester Vs London

Before you create any more great content, figure out how to market it first!”-Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett 

This one line embodies one of the best kept secrets in the world of internet marketing. Yes, Content is definitely King, but great content alone isn’t profitable enough to run a successful blog or website. We see this everyday with tons of amazing content being made on YouTube and experiences being penned down on blogs, that will forever remain unknown because their content is forever hidden from the eyes of millions of Internet denizens.

So what’s the solution? The answer lies in one small word with very big implications – SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and boiled down to its essence, it is a way of making content so that search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and others can easily find it. But there’s way more to SEO than simply stuffing a few keywords into an article and letting it go live. In fact, as the Internet has evolved so have search engines and while they have gotten much more smarter, the sheer volume of information on the Internet has become way, way more larger.

Right now, everyday there’s hundreds of terabytes of data being created and uploaded onto the Internet and being hidden and lost in this huge wave of information is a very real risk faced by any fledgling company or individual that is trying to make their mark on the world wide web. This is why we always suggest a robust SEO strategy that has been developed by SEO experts with years of experience in their respective fields.

But before we list out our top picks for SEO agency Manchester and London, here are a few things that you must keep in mind before choosing who to entrust your website to:

  • Trust: You must be able to have complete faith in the SEO agency that you are going to hire for your website. This is because harmful SEO can completely destroy a site to such an extent that even the domain name can never be used again. Thus, it is vitally important to go with someone who is experienced in their respective field.
  • Vision: The goal of SEO is not always just to rank on the top of Google search results. In fact increasing audience interaction, reducing bounce rate as well as engaging customers to improve conversion rates-all of these play an important part in the overall SEO of a business. It is vitally important to make sure that the people you have hired clearly understand what you’re trying to gain from your SEO campaign.
  • Content Production: While SEO is a very powerful tool, without great content to back it up, it more often than not falls flat on its face. In fact SEO without great content is mostly akin to decorations on a dilapidated house-it might draw visitors in for a while but they’ll leave quickly and never return!

We understand that after reading through all of this, you might have realised that SEO is no child’s play and is best left to the expert hands of someone who is close to you. This is why today we decided to compare some of the best seo agency in Manchester and London and see if any major differences existed between them!

First Rank

Location: London 

Let’s start off with the one in the pole position in our list, FIrst Rank. The reason for choosing them as the premiere SEO service in London is their excellent repertoire of clients. Ranging from Rooftop Living, Blue Shift Coding, Square Carters and more, they have a laundry list of happy clients with envious testimonials.

Delving further in, First Rank holds an edge over most other SEO services as they offer a complete product from website designing to content creation all under the same roof. This is extremely helpful for people who are just starting to find their feet in the Internet world as First Rank can easily become a one stop shop for all their branding needs.

Of course, they are also trustable as they promise to use only white hat techniques to boost your rankings which means that there isn’t any chance of your website being banned from Adsense.

Red Fern

Location: Manchester 

Probably the biggest and most well known firm in this list is Red Fern Media as they have made quite a name for themselves as the best Manchester seo agency. Their place on this list is well deserved as they provide a complete digital makeover for your website or business and their wide and varied client pool means that their dedicated team of passionate individuals are well equipped to tread the murky waters of Google’s ever changing search algorithms.

As a business or even an individual it is very important that your website reaches the right people at the right time. With their automation partener at Hubspot, Red Fern is the perfect digital agency that can help you deliver SEO optimised content just when you customers require it.

In fact adding to their paid services, they also have a blog where they offer essential SEO tips and tricks like this SEO content writing template that should come in very handy for someone who is yet to master the digital content medium. We would highly suggest checking them out and even if you do not want to spend a penny on their services, at least have a look around their free for all blog where they share some of the secrets to dominate Google rankings.

Oh and if of that hasn’t managed to convince you to choose them, then maybe you’d like to take a look at their extensive portfolio clients which includes industry heavyweights like Apeks, Morson Group, WestHolme School and several more!


Location: London 

Reboot is one of the biggest up and coming SEO companies from London and their claim to fame is their great content which they use to drive up traffic as well as authority for their client’s websites. London as a hyperlocal search term has immense competition with several huge companies vying for the first few spots on Google.

This is where Reboot steps in as they take a different approach to SEO. Focusing less on the older methods of link building and accruing authority and instead focussing more on creating unique content that opens up new guest posting opportunities for their clients. It’s a bold new move and it has worked out quite well as they have snagged some pretty big name clients like, vapourlites and click4reg.

Red Cow Media

Location: Manchester

If you are looking for a seo agency in Manchester that specialises in retargeting customers and reducing bounce rates then Red Cow Media might end up being the perfect fit. Their talented team of developers help solve one of the biggest problems in the e-commerce as well as online marketing industry-conversion rates.

Going beyond the tried and tested SEO techniques, Red Cow Media looks to incorporate SEM as well as Social Media into their efforts which has led to them accruing the testimonials of some pretty happy customers.


Location: London 

Grapefruit as an SEO company prides themselves on being able to cater their SEO needs to exactly suit the customers websites. They are able to do this by detailing every aspect of their business and then analysing their website through a rigorous SEO audit. They then use their specialised talent pool to develop an SEO solution that is uniquely suited to develop the customers brand value in the best way possible.

They also boast of multiple satisfied customers on their portfolio which includes names like Japan Experience, Danielle Raine and my credit monitor

Gorilla Marketing

Location: Manchester 

The last spot on today’s list is taken by Gorilla Marketing- if you’re on the lookout for some affordable seo agency Manchester, then this one might just be right up your alley. From SEO to SEM they handle everything for your company and they even include PPC as well as Web Hosting services.

They also provide a free website audit which makes them worth checking out in our opinion even if they might not end up being your first choice!

Now rounding all of these off we have noticed a trend in between London and Manchester SEO agencies. Maybe it is because of the fast paced nature of the city itself or it might have something to do with the incredible cut throat competition that SEO in London brings to the table, but all of the leading SEO agencies in London are moving away from tried and tested SEO methods towards more experimental methods in the hopes of exponential gains.

While SEO is certainly a risk vs reward game, the golden words of don’t gamble what you aren’t ready to loose ring very true in this case. This is why the Manchester SEO agencies with their older yet certainly effective SEO techniques might hold an edge both in terms of expenditure as well as rankings for someone who is looking to make their brand on the Internet!