Mobile Design Trends to Be Aware of in 2015

Mobile Design Trends to Be Aware of in 2015

With 2015 right around the corner, we have to try to predict what will happen and it is quite obvious that mobile design will be really big. With more people using mobile devices than ever before and regular web design trends moving towards a mobile approach, corporate apps, the size of the devices used and other factors will be vital for all marketing strategies.

Corporations Expand And Enterprises Will Dominate The Mobile Scene

In 2014 we saw a clear focus in mobile publishing technologies. When tablets first appeared, they were seen as the savior of consumer magazines. Now, they are proving to be much more important. Tablets are cost-effective and developers realized their worth when referring to distribution of marketing and sales collateral.

In 2015 we can easily expect to see software solutions that are designed especially for tablet users, developed for support and education. This includes catalogs, annual reports, HR communications and even internal newsletters. Mobile design that is especially developed for enterprises will develop.

A Shift In Sizes

In 2014 we clearly realized the fact that people do not consume long form content on mobile devices. People want to put their hands on smaller snippets that are really easy to digest and that can be delivered by a few touchscreen taps.

Smartphone will be seen as a separate product when referring to publishers. As an example, the news apps are commonly used on smartphones. Other applications are way more popular on tablets. Professional designers will create responsive design but will have versions that are different for various devices that can be used by those that download.

A Focus On Just One Design

Digital publishing agencies realize the fact that there is absolutely no industry standard that is respected when referring to aspect ratios and screen sizes. Clients always want to be present everywhere and many will want to design the first app for a brand in 2015. Blog For Web tells us that HTML 5 and other solutions can bring in a truly responsive design but there are not many professionals out there that can actually offer something that is completely responsive.

Companies will still deliver content in responsive and static design but we will see a much higher usage that goes towards a responsive approach.

Simplifying Design Languages

Tablets become lighter and smaller while smartphones become thinner and larger. Eventually, we will get to the point where we have one gadget that will feature that perfect screen size people are looking for. Mobile design will be focused on functionality and simplicity.

Managers and designers will be faced with fast paced changes in 2015. The design approach will have to be strategic and adapt to the new devices that will appear.

On the whole, mobile design will not change too much but the main focus will be put on functionality. This is the most important thing to remember in 2015. At the same time, it is really important that you only work with professional designers because of the fact that it will be difficult to create something that is truly perfect for clients.