Marc Sporn Delivers The Top Reasons To Use YouTube As A Platform

Marc Sporn Delivers The Top Reasons To Use YouTube As A Platform

Why should you consider using YouTube as a platform to get your message out to the world? There are actually a wide variety of reasons why YouTube is the right place to start telling your story, according to prominent YouTuber Marc Sporn. We’ll borrow a few pages from his book and help you better understand with this quick breakdown.

YouTube is Watched More Than TV

More people watch YouTube than they do TV. In fact, YouTube has a broader reach than all the cable channels combined, and generates more advertising revenue than most TV networks do. One reason is because people can take it with them on their phones and tablets. Another reason is because there is so much variety.

Easy Social Sharing Options

You can’t share a TV show you are watching with your friends. You also can’t share clips in real time. But you can with YouTube. You can post it to your social channels anywhere. You can embed it onto your website or blog in seconds. YouTube brings a whole new level of sharing that was thought to be previously impossible to video.

Create And Edit Videos The Simple Way

YouTube now has a built-in video editor. Heck, you can even shoot videos from your webcam in minutes. You can use the editor to add some flare to your videos so that they look better and stream better. Never before have people had access to custom video editing software like this free of charge.

Google Loves YouTube

Since YouTube is technically owned by Google, or Alphabet, Google’s parent company, it’s also widely rewarded in the search engine queries, too. This is why marketing experts have always favored good quality videos over many other forms of marketing. And when these videos happen to reach page one, they have the potential to generate traffic and sales.