Managed WordPress Hosting: Help or Hindrance?

Managed WordPress Hosting: Help or Hindrance?

WordPress has grown to be one of the most popular blogging platforms of them all, mainly due to the vast array of customization opportunities it offers together with flexibility when it comes to hosting options. Managed hosting is something that is becoming increasingly important to the many thousands of people who make use of it already so you might be very interested in finding out exactly what it can do for you.

What is Managed Hosting?

WordPress users fall into many different categories. Some love the idea of being able to get under the hood and customize virtually every aspect of the process, while others love the fact that very little intervention is needed to create a professional looking blog. However, many providers offer feature-rich hosting packages that are known as Managed WordPress hosting. These come at an extra cost; so knowing which arrangement best suits your needs involves getting to grips with what the alternatives offer.

In Action

WordPress web hosting is a potential minefield as the extent to which a provider “manages” the installation varies from host to host. Different hosts focus on various features and so appeal to certain sections of the blogging community. If you already know your way around installing a set-up on your own hosted space you may wonder what a managed approach could do that you couldn’t, but even for experienced users there can be advantages. Nearly all managed WordPress hosts will deliver faster speeds because the servers are configured for WordPress. Load times can also be boosted via built-in caching, avoiding the need for extra plugins. Security is another potential major plus point, as managing hosts scan for malware and offer advanced security features.

More Extras

Many shared hosting packages will also include extra features such as email accounts and automated backups as standard, alongside the ‘one-click’ WordPress install itself. If you already have or expect to have high traffic levels the fact that a shared server or one which isn’t optimized for WordPress hosting can mean that viewers experience slow speeds, something that will not help any type of blog to gain traction and achieve high return viewings.

Who to Choose?

While there are plenty of options for managed WordPress hosting on the market, choosing the right one for you can be a difficult decision. Going with tried and trusted providers is usually a good call and GoDaddy, which is nearly as old as the Internet itself, is just about as reliable a choice as you can get. Founder Bob Parsons has seen his company grow to a point where it now caters for around 13 million customers all over the world, and his ethos of helping people start, grow and successfully run their own ventures is one that really applies to this particular choice. GoDaddy’s professional WordPress hosting platform offers a streamlined and optimized experience because it is simply a hosting account with WordPress installed.

Seriously Simple

Blogging can be a serious subject and it can be lighthearted fun too. Whatever you own approach to content or style, the bottom line is that you need to be sure that your site is running at full functionality and that the hard work you do in generating traffic doesn’t come unstuck by bad hosting or bad plugins. Using a Managed WordPress hosting solution might not be for everyone, but for those who really want to make an impact and know that their blog is backed up by the best that the platform has to offer, there are plenty of hosting options to choose from that will give great performance at affordable value.