Manageable Tips to Grow Your Blog Even with a Full-Time Job

Manageable Tips to Grow Your Blog Even with a Full-Time Job

You want to start a blog, and ultimately your goal is to turn that blog into a profit-making venture that you can work on full time. Unfortunately, you may not have that option right now, so you’re going to do the next best thing, which is to start launching and growing your blog while maintaining your day job. How do you make it work?

Can you manage both a full-time job and also the work and effort required to grow your blog into something that will eventually earn you an income?

The answer is yes, but it doesn’t come without some balancing. Below are some of the best realistic ways you can build your blog and cultivate a following, while still making sure you keep your day job.

Find a Routine That Works For You

When you decide to make your own blog you may not realize what a commitment it is. That’s one of the primary reasons blogs fail, so go into it understanding it’s a commitment, but also create a routine that’s going to let you reasonably meet the demands required of an active blogger. Your routine can be that you blog early in the mornings, or late in the evenings either before or after your full-time job. It may be that you even find blogging at your lunch hour is optimal for you. Whatever you discover is right for you, start a routine and work toward consistent posting that fits in with your full-time job.

Create Goals For Yourself

Along with a general method for timing how you write, it can be a good idea to put in place goals that you’d like to achieve regarding your blog. For example, make it a goal to write a certain number of words every morning before work, or to put in a particular number of hours each week on your blog. If you make these goals regimented and write them down, you’ll be more likely to hold yourself accountable.

Design a Strategy

As well as setting general goals for your writing, you should also try to map out an overall strategy for your blog if your goal is to monetize it. For example, what channels will you focus on as a means to reach new site visitors, what will your social media integration look like, and what specific ways do you plan to make money? If you have a very clear, concise strategy in place, it will make it easier to find ways to make it work even while you’re in a full-time position.

Outsource Some of the Technical Elements

If you’re just starting out on the creation of a blog, you might want to save yourself some time and energy by outsourcing the design of your blog to a freelancer. This will leave you with time to focus on the writing aspect of your blog. You can usually hire relatively inexpensive freelancers online, and you can have them do just a few components you need to get your blog up and running.