Is it Time to Switch to Professional Hosting?

Is it Time to Switch to Professional Hosting?

While hobbyists and private individuals can afford to compromise on the quality of their hosting, businesses looking to stay competitive with established firms in their industry must use professional hosting services to bring their presence to the Internet.

The fact is that a professional quality website is only as good as its hosting solution, with top flight services such as iiNet empowering them to better understand their position in the marketplace through advanced traffic analytics while providing around the clock tech support to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

If your business is expanding into an arena where visibility is its best asset, professional web hosting can ensure that your web site is designed to offer your company a competitive edge. Switching to a professional quality hosting services provider is a relatively simple process, and the transition doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Step 1: Membership

In order to ensure your site is live for the duration of your provider switch, be sure to establish a membership with your new hosting provider before canceling with your old one. This will prevent your old hosting service from accidentally deleting your files when your contract is terminated.

Step 2: Migration

After you have established your account with your new hosting provider, you must migrate your site and its files to the new host be downloading the source files to your computer and uploading it to the new host’s servers. Be sure to create backups of all your files during transfer, and consider maintaining the same file and folder configuration through the transition for easy reconstruction.

Step 3: Modify DNS

When you’ve successfully transferred your files over to the servers of your new hosting provider, you must change the Domain Name Server of your site to redirect traffic to the site’s new hosting location. Contact your hosting provider to determine the proper DNS settings for your web site after the transition and apply the changes manually or ask that a hosting company representative assist you.

If done properly, this process ensures that your web site is readily moved between providers without forcing your site to close for maintenance and miss out on potential exposure. After a waiting period commonly extending 48 hours after the changes are set, your web site will be fully integrated with your new hosting provider and ready to reap the rich benefits of professional web hosting.