In PHP vs. ASP.Net Argument, PHP May Have an Upper Hand

In PHP vs. ASP.Net Argument, PHP May Have an Upper Hand

It is a well known fact that static HTML pages are shown to visitors as they are stored. Nothing dynamic ever happens on a pure HTML page. Thus, there is always a requirement for making websites more interactive, fun and easy to use. This is where one begins to hear about PHP and ASP.Net.

What PHP is and how it is different from ASP.Net

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Processor. It helps create dynamic web pages and can be used within HTML pages. It works well with HTML pages. PHP is open source and is not a proprietary software. ASP.Net is a proprietary software by Microsoft and is also used to build dynamic websites. ASP or Active Server pages is used on a Windows server where as PHP is used on a Linux platform. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both PHP and It all boils down to the preference of the client or the web designer. However, PHP may still be a more attractive option when compared with


Here are a few reasons why PHP is more attractive than

  1. PHP is simpler than
  2. PHP offers better support for MYSQL
  3. PHP offers better support for SQLite.
  4. PHP offers better support
  5. Community help and service is always better for an open source program like PHP
  6. PHP is free
  7. PHP is older and more reliable

Simplicity is better than complexity

PHP is an open source language and is much simpler than Microsoft’s is more dynamic but in the long run, most programmers prefer using PHP for its convenience, ease of use and support.

MySQL is rendered better by PHP

It must be noted that even WordPress uses a combination of MySQL and PHP. When these two are combined, it is an extremely efficient way to create database management systems.

PHP is great with SQLite

SQLite is another database management system that works well with PHP when compared with ASP.Net. It is contained in a C programming library and thus PHP works better with the program.

PHP support is superior

Being an open source platform, it is always better to use PHP as it offers more support. More people know about PHP and getting someone to fix issues is a lot easier.

Community help for PHP

PHP is open source and there are some really good forums out there which offer support to PHP developers. When in need, the open source community can be an amazing way to seek support.

PHP doesn’t require purchase

Needless to say, PHP is free. It is an open source program and is not owned by a company like is owned by Microsoft.

PHP has been around for a longer time

PHP is an older program and has had multiple versions. This makes it more reliable and trustworthy than ASP.Net according to many a web design firm. Of course there is more support for the program.

While some people may prefer ASP.Net over PHP, there is no reason to avoid PHP when it can be used. In fact, PHP may work out better than ASP.Net and may even be cheaper in the longer run.

Author Bio: Peter Smith is a PHP developer and works at a web design firm. He has helped many companies build interactive web apps using PHP.