How to Upgrade Your Businesses Cloud Services

How to Upgrade Your Businesses Cloud Services

When it comes to the modern office space, the cloud and similar online storage systems have proven hugely useful. Whether it’s simply centralising your businesses data, or providing a better more streamlined work environment, the cloud has a lot of amazing benefits.

That’s why you need to upgrade your businesses cloud services and abilities now and then. Here’s how to do that.

What is VMware vSphere?

VMware vSphere software is server management software that allows you to balance and make the most of your office’s computing power, without putting too much of the workload on individual machines. Based on a virtual machine infrastructure, it allows your IT department massive control and scope for improving the way your office computers and server work.

VMware vSphere services are especially useful for things like cloud services. Being able to store data in the cloud is huge for big office environments. It means better overall security, and a much more streamlined and logical working environment. It makes better use of the machines and computers, while maximising efficiency. That’s why you need to keep it running sharp and quick with an upgrade.

Upgrades are Essential

Nowadays, in our inherently tech-centric world, having the right software and the right setup can mean absolute life or death for a big, office-based company or business. Getting the technical edge on your competition can set you absolutely light years ahead, and see your business succeeding in a massive way.

The whole of the last two hundred years of human history and agricultural and industrial revolution is based on businesses incorporating newer, sleeker, better ways of doing things. Minimising cost, effort and time, and maximising efficiency is what technology is all about, but the only way to stay ahead to make the most of that.

AS a big corporate office-based entity, there’s a strong chance you’re only using a tiny percentage (frequently as low as 23%) of your overall virtual capacity and computing ability. That means that while the computing power is there for the taking, your company is not making use of it. VMware vSphere sets that right, allowing you to optimise your operation to take full advantage of digital capacity and potential.

Version 6.5 VMware vSphere Now Out

Now is essentially one of the best times to upgrade, due to the recent release of VMware vSphere version 6.5. Featuring some huge leaps from clunky, weaker earlier versions, this new iteration boasts massively stepped up security features, which is vital in any kind of competitive corporate environment.

As well that, they’ve massively simplified and improved the user interface, allowing for easier maintenance and optimisation with less training and fuss. There’s plenty of other smaller changes too, but those are the big ones.

Easy to Upgrade

Upgrading is really just a simple case of installation and checking settings and hardware to make sure version 6.5 will run well on your machines. If you find yourself struggling, getting in contact with a consulting company like Launch Consulting will get you the help you need to get your businesses cloud services running smooth.