How Blogging and Content Marketing can Bring Added Value to Your Business

How Blogging and Content Marketing can Bring Added Value to Your Business

If you are creating a website for your business, chances are that you have an indepth knowledge and passion for what you do. Within a market saturated with new companies and new ideas, blogging and content marketing is invaluable in order to promote your website above the competition, a good example from a Digital Agency can be found here This form of marketing concentrates on earning, as opposed to buying, the consumers’ attention, interest and trust, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and great brand reputation.

Having a blog on your website is essential for any modern business. This is the space where you can really communicate with your customers through longer content that demonstrates the quality of your knowledge and gives you the chance to convey your brand personality and unique selling points. In order to showcase your brand in the most effective way, all of your blog content must be of the highest quality. Writing must be flawless in tone and style with absolutely no errors.

Blog posts must also be unique, as this will increase the value of your content, engage your audience and ultimately rank your site higher in search results. Unique content will catch the user’s attention with information that they will not have seen anywhere else, which in turn will make them more likely to remember your site and recommend it to a friend. There are many ways to make your content unique. Perhaps you will create a post that looks at a familiar topic with a new and original slant,which will encourages the consumer to think in a new way about something that is familiar to them.

Another option is to think of an entirely new topic and open up a school of thought, which will place your brand in a prominent position as an ideas pioneer and an intelligent entity.Content must also be rich in information – every argument and topic should be discussed in full with a colourful and creative angle that draws on unique resources. Illustrating your blog with high quality images will enhance your image, draw the reader further in and bring colour and life to your copy.

A memorable blog post will entice users so much that they will be encouraged to share their inspiration on social media and through word of mouth. Blogs should always include the option to share the content on social media, with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest proving to be the most valuable and popular of the social media sites in increasing brand visibility. One of the most effective ways that blogs encourage inbound links is via social media shares, which will help to grow your brand through the creation of ‘long-tail’ traffic. Users may choose to share a photo, a link to the article or the article itself, which are all valuable as they are increasing your brand landscape and successfully inbound marketing.

Trust is an essential part of marketing, and when users share your content with their friends and family, this automatically puts your brand into a position of trust as this individual has chosen to share your brand values and ideals with those closest to them. A well-developed, regularly updated blog will encourage users to return time and time again, until your brand has an established regular readership as well as new and fresh interest.

Syndicating content can also significantly increase your brand visibility online. Syndication takes place when you give another company permission to show your content on their website – by choosing websites of high authority and with a large current audience that is relevant to your business, you will gain exposure to a brand new audience appealing to other people’s audiences. Syndication is a popular part of many brands long-term content marketing strategy and will prove highly effective if the most relevant content and most respected brands are chosen.