5 Fun Summer Activities For Your Kids

5 Fun Summer Activities For Your Kids

Summer is around the corner, and you know what that means. Summer break for your kids! Another year for them to have fun and make memories with their friends and forget about homework for a while. And fortunately, there are many fun activities for them to try if you’re open to new things. If you remember the day camps in Queens from your early teenage years, you should keep the tradition going, but that is not the only plan you can make for them. You’ll get some inspiration for your kids’ next summer project in the following paragraphs.

Hiking seems like a tiring activity, but it has plenty of benefits for you and your kids. The purpose of hiking with children is to explore the wildlife and learn about their surroundings in a fun way. If you’re going to do this for the first time, try to encourage them to explore nature. Look for animals, and analyze trees, leaves and flowers. Teach them how to do leaf pressing and display their creation in the living room. They’ll be more than excited for the next trip if they have something to look forward to doing. Hiking also has health benefits, like:

  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Improves blood pressure levels
  • Improves bone density
  • Strengthens the core
  • Boosts your general mood

How do you plan for a hike with your kid? First of all, look for the best trail options with varying terrain. Depending on their age, consider having a toddler carrier and bring plenty of snacks and water supplies to maintain their energy levels to complete the trip. It will be even more fun if you’re bringing some friends and kids their age for them to play with.

Summer camp

One of the most fulfilling activities to help them grow and make memories is taking your kid to summer camps. You get to choose how much time they’ll spend there, but rest assured because it’s a safe space that will make them socialize more. Brooklyn summer camps offer a variety of activities such as swimming, cooking, dancing and even cultural projects. Your kid will get out of their comfort zone by learning:

  • Being in a place without their parents or teachers, kids will need to make decisions independently. The camps usually have a fixed hour for waking up and an itinerary that your kid has to follow. Therefore, they need to be responsible and attend the activities organized.
  • To enhance their passions. Some summer camps provide activities for certain interests, like computer science or arts. It can be a great opportunity for your kid to improve their skills and follow their interests.
  • Social skills. With so many kids around, your child needs to be more communicative and improve their social abilities. Empathy, cooperation and listening are just a few things they’ll learn being around kids from different backgrounds.

Road trip

Family road trips are the most fun summer activities for kids. Even if sometimes they get way too excited to get there, you can keep your kid entertained if you’ll get their attention. But first, here’s how you can make the most out of your trip:

  • Plan ahead of time and let them know where they’re going. Also, don’t try having a longer trip for the first time because they might get bored and tired. Start slow and see how they are adapting to this activity.
  • Pack everything you need and involve them in the process. Giving the opportunity to think for themselves will encourage self-esteem growth.
  • Think of fun games to keep them entertained, but let them enjoy the scenery in silence from time to time.

Online activities

Sometimes summer days can get extremely hot, and you can’t go outside. Therefore, if you want your kids to have fun but learn something useful at the same time, you can enroll them in online classes, but not any kind. There are plenty of course subjects especially for them, like how to decorate a cake, how to make paper airplanes or how to draw. These classes can be completed at their own pace, with no grade pressure, and they can experiment at home while learning new skills.

You can also try virtual visits to zoos, museums and national parks. You need a big screen and a little game―they’ll be the tourist, and you’ll be their guide. You can both explore locations far away from home and learn new things together if it’s about visiting different cultures.

Home activities

If your kids prefer to stay at home, you can come up with fun activities to do inside the house or in the backyard. Here are some ideas:

  • This activity can be fun if they have their own spot to plant wherever they like. It grows a sense of responsibility and confidence seeing the results of their work. You can encourage them to learn about nutrition and become interested in eating more healthy food.
  • Having a picnic with your kids is always a good idea for having fun. You can involve them in the meal preparation process or help them bake their favorite cake.
  • Even if it takes place in the backyard, a campfire on the summer nights is the perfect occasion to toast marshmallows and tell stories.

Home activities help in bonding with your child. Becoming their friend will encourage them to open up to you and be sincere with their feelings, as much as being comfortable enough to have fun around you. Encourage them to be curious and do something new now and then, but it would be great to let them have their own space.

Final thoughts

The purpose of engaging kids in diverse activities in the summer is to make memories for them to remember. It’s great if they’re learning new things but don’t make it the ultimate goal. It’s okay if sometimes you let them enjoy a video game or watch cartoons, but teaching them to look for other activities will improve their lives and health.