Freelancers VS Dedicated Outsourced Teams: Who Should You Rely On?

Freelancers VS Dedicated Outsourced Teams: Who Should You Rely On?

“Everything in your business can be outsourced, if you’re not emotionally attached to doing it.” Richard Branson

Progressively, outsourcing is becoming one of the most efficient ways to lessen costs incurred by your company and to improve the quality of the final product. When you are building a start-up or an agency, it can be burdensome to hire a full-fledged team. Moreover, it may well take a while for you to understand the kind of full-time resources required in the long run. This makes it important to strike the right balance between hiring permanent staffers and contracting freelancers at the right time. Additionally, with the passage of time you can take dedicated outsource teams on board as your business expands. Like this outsourcing company in Germany that can address the needs on local legal, accounting, and HR expertise to those who wants to expand their business in Germany.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of outsourcing to freelancers versus dedicated outsource teams to give you a clear understanding when making a decision.

Many entrepreneurs praise the merits of a web development strategy based on web developers nearshoring that is proving to be highly cost-effective, while others have shown some reservations. Therefore, the question arises should you outsource web development overseas or hire a group of freelancers who each meet a specific need?


When you outsource to a freelance website developer, you often pay considerably less than you would to an integrated team. There are no infrastructure costs involved as overheads are practically non-existent. Freelancers can make sure that your project is completed and turned around quickly, thereby fulfilling your requirement right away. For instance, hiring a credible freelancer specifically for outsource php development can save you massive sums of funds over hiring a company.

Notwithstanding above, the pressing reality is that freelancers are not always reliable. Even a professional who communicates efficiently and is mostly available will not probably be there if you have an emergency at 4 am your time zone. Alternatively, a dedicated developers outsourcing company does not have such issues as it can systematically scale its efforts and is experienced in managing multiple projects at once.

Therefore, if you are a small business it is admissible to take a freelancer on board as the cost is quite affordable. Otherwise, carry on reading to learn the benefits of taking a dedicated outsource team on board.


When you offshore or nearshore to a dedicated outsource team, you benefit from their 24/7 availability. You also do not depend on only one person and can systematically scale the tasks that you outsource much faster. You do not have to manage a bunch of freelancers as often there is only one point of contact.

You also benefit from controlled quality systems deployed by the company. There is a significantly lower data security risk and any developing problem with the handling of your project can be addressed before it becomes critical.

Furthermore, you have access to genuine software and related tools that are frequently updated to stay abreast with the latest technology. You can count on the company to maintain protection of your content and back it as it is developed.

Taking a dedicated developers outsourcing team on board will ensure bounding an entire team to your project to meet the deadline. Most freelancers always have the knack of disappearing. Alternatively, big agencies manage multiple projects day in and day out, and have their reputations to protect.

You can get an outsource team from any location, and some places may actually be a lot more cost effective than others. For example, it is massively advantageous to outsource web development to the Czech Republic if you’re in Europe as they can work in your time zone, are extremely educated on the subject and are actually a lot more affordable than other locations.


A Freelancer can help complete a specific business activity such as logo development or brochure designing in a cost-effective manner. On the other hand, an end to end solution for website development, maintenance or management of human resource necessitates partnering with companies who possess the required skill set, competencies and workforce.

It is critical to remember that your business requirements will not always need you to partner with freelancers. Once you are ready for expansion you can start by contracting a dedicated team for outsource development. If you are pleased with the results, you can further your trust by contracting them for full-fledged website development and maintenance.

The reality of 2017 is that from conventional businesses to digital business portals, companies are increasingly associating themselves with outsourcing. Therefore, for a complete solution to web development, design and maintenance it is better to go for a dedicated developers outsourcing company instead of hiring a group of fickle freelancers.

Irrespective of hiring a freelancer or a dedicated outsource company it is critical to do the following;

  • Check out the clients of the outsourced web development company to find the reputation of their previous work.
  • Communicate directly with the company’s representative to judge if they can meet your requirements.
  • Finalise your budget and the services you would be needing.