Four Reasons Search Engine Optimisers Should Use Excel

Four Reasons Search Engine Optimisers Should Use Excel

As a search engine optimiser, you are probably already well aware of the many challenges that face your goal of ranking at the top of search engines. Trying to compete with millions of other websites and pieces of content can seem impossible at times.

With that said, there are still opportunities for top flight optimisers to work their way towards SEO success. One of the best ways to get a jumpstart on this is by using all your available resources. One such resource that can be extremely helpful in this effort is Excel. Here is a look at a few reasons why search engine optimisers should use Excel.

Easier to Track Data

As an SEO professional, tracking data is one of the most important tasks you are required to do on a regular basis. While keeping track of the constant flow of data can be challenging at times, Excel allows you to do this in a much more organised and pain-free manner.

By tracking your data through Excel, you have the opportunity to use its table tools and algorithms to determine the numbers that are most important to your success. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to analyse data in an easy to read format.

Ability to Import and Export Data

Possibly the most significant perk of using Excel as an SEO professional is the fact that it allows you to import and export data to and from just about any outside resource imaginable. Since Excel is one of the more commonly used tools by professionals in every industry, most analytic software and data based websites that you will use allow you to collaborate easily through Excel.

Excel Has Plenty of Shortcuts That Create Ease-of-Use

If you are unfamiliar with how Excel works, it may take a while to get used to it. Once you do, however, the shortcuts that you can use to expedite the data tracking and analysing process are endless. From copying and pasting data to combining data from multiple tables, Excel’s shortcuts allow you to do just about anything you could ever need.

In addition to the numerous shortcuts that create ease-of-use, there is also a ton of information available online from third party resources about how to increase your proficiency with Excel. You would be wise to check out an SEOs guide to using Excel for more information on this topic.

Specific SEO Tools for Excel

Another major perk of Excel is that it allows you to use tools that were specifically designed for assisting with SEO. If you decide to go with a pro based subscription, you can easily connect your account with commonly used tools like Google Analytics and Moz.

All of these tools and integration opportunities make for much less hassle as you attempt to track your data. The fact that you will rarely have to manually input data can certainly save you a lot of time.