Find Out How Much You Will Need to Pay For Your SEO Services

Find Out How Much You Will Need to Pay For Your SEO Services

The prevailing business atmosphere shows how important SEO is. Yelp survey findings indicate that 85% of individuals looking for any service or product begin their hunt on the internet. In case your site does not appear whenever your keywords are types, you can bet that your customers will opt for elsewhere.

The biggest issue here is not getting your best keywords, but knowing how much you need to pay for your SEO. Truly speaking, SEO price varies greatly making it hard to come up with a competitive value. To have a clue on the cost of your SEO, click on

Let’s begin by looking at:

Average rating of SEO services

When searching for SEO in the marketplace you will realise that there exist an array of options.  Various models for pricing, agencies and pricing points tend to be quite overwhelming to an ordinary end-user. There is actually no accurate average rating for SEO services. Research findings by clearly indicate that the cost could go down to below $25/hr. or above $20,000 every month.

According to Moz’s poll results of more than 600 SEO firms, an average SEO hourly rating ranges between 80 and 130 USD / hr while the monthly retainer range is between 750 and 1500 a month.

In order for you to come up with a common price position for each, there is need to individually analyse the diverse SEO services offered by different companies. Hence, it is easier to know what you are going to incur by simply negotiating or agreeing on a certain rate afore the beginning of work. Even though, there is nothing good that doesn’t have its flaws. The problem with SEO-related projects is that they may take longer than anticipated making then quite expensive.

However, if you want to avoid falling victim to wannabes or hucksters, expect to part with between 75 and 150 USD an hour.

Tip: Avoid going for extra cheap SEO services considering that doing so can infringe on your relationship with Google.

The good side of hourly SEO services is that the details are recorded making it easier for you to know where the SEO specialist is putting more emphasis.  You can easily predict the charges as well.

On the dark side, it takes long for you to notice any improvements in your website’s ranking. Besides, there is actually nothing binding to the results as payment is done not by merit but by appearance. Why would you then pay a company for hitting the clock rather than focusing on the outcome?

As such, if you are trying to conduct your SEO campaign on your own, hiring a SEO specialist to authenticate your effort and provide some advice can be a wise idea. This is vital in that they will make sure that your decisions are worthwhile right from the word go. The understanding and composure will surpass the price of paying a professional for some hours.

Cost of project-based SEO services

According to the aforementioned research findings by Moz it is clear that the most pricing system used by most SEO companies is project-based SEO services. Almost half of participants fell into 4 price categories as shown below:

  • 1,001 to 1,500 USD
  • 1,501 to 2,500 USD
  • 2,501 to 5,000 USD
  • 5,001 to 7,500 USD

The array of prices is startling considering that this pricing model is the most popular among SEO professionals.

Advantages of using this pricing model include:

  • Payment is done at once hence saving you the worry of escalated hourly costs. As compared to hourly services, this is a perfect choice for people operating on a strict budget or those who require assistance in one particular area.
  • It is easy to understand what you will be required to pay and delivery time.

Disadvantages include:

  • The charges could be escalated especially if you have no idea about SEO.
  • There is no flexibility attributing to the fact that this pricing model comes with a detailed contract showing the results and delivery time. Thus, in case your requirements change can result into your paying more to accommodate the change.

If you are looking for an ideal SEO service that can enhance your SEO campaign then this is your choice. On-page optimization, SEO audits and link building campaign are great beneficiaries of this system.  As it were, there are various ways you can use to find out how much you will be required to pay for your SEO services. Learn more here: