Few Important Things You Should Consider When Purchasing CCTV Cameras

Few Important Things You Should Consider When Purchasing CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera is a very significant investment one does towards ensuring the best level of safety and security of a premise. Today, many of the commercial and residential properties install these cameras for added security. Available in different sizes and features, buying a CCTV requires a detailed research about your expectations from the system, area that needs to be covered, budget and several other factors. By learning about them and preparing well in advance will help you secure your place in the best possible way for several years.

Working of a CCTV Camera

You must have heard about the benefits of CCTV camera or closed-circuit TV cameras or seen them mounted at the top of rooms or buildings. However, do you actually know how it works? To buy a CCTV camera, you need to know about its working too. This will give you an understanding of its parts, which is very important for the best functioning of the system.

The lens present in this camera focuses on the light which is to get imaged upon the sensor. This light will then travel to the DSP that transform it into a television signal. This signal is again transmitted to a centralized location by way of a wire or wireless connection for the storage and viewing perspective.

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Get the right lens

The lens is that part of the camera that collects the light and passes it to the sensor. Whatever happens at the place where the CCTV camera is installed is captured by the lens and gets recorded on the digital signal processor.

The lens has to be of high resolution to control focus and give higher output resolution. There is zoom lens also available in the market that can help in enlarging the picture image. Two different types of zoom features are inbuilt in selected CCTV camera. These are digital zoom and optical zoom.

Optical zoom is more advantageous than digital zoom as it allows you to add new information depending on the light that reaches the sensor. CCTV Security systems available in Dubai are built with the high quality lens, DVR system and other significant parts that provide high resolution and ultra-clear videos easily.

Getting the right size and feature of sensor

Digital sensors are different in different types of CCTV cameras. To choose the right one for your needs, you need to consider its type and size. Most of the available CCTV sensors are CCD or CMOS. CMOS is less costly and requires less electricity than CCD, but offer low sensitivity and clarity of an image.

To produce a high quality and crystal clear image, CMOS sensors need more amount of signal processing and next come the sensor size. The size of the sensor is directly proportional to the amount of light that can be processed by it and the quality of the image produced. So, for a better picture quality, it is advised to go for a larger sensor size.

Select the right output resolution

Going for a high resolution camera is a good decision, but the output largely depends on the quality of the input. So, to get better quality footage, you need to have best quality lens, sensor and DSP.

Hope this article has given you tips to make an intelligent purchasing decision. As CCTV camera is a costly investment, it is very important to do good research about its technical and general aspects before purchasing it.