Excellent Guide on Gadgets for Improving Your Sleep

Excellent Guide on Gadgets for Improving Your Sleep

Research has always revealed that a good night sleep is imperial for our health. An eight hour sleep can assist you in boosting your work concentration and reducing your level of stress.

There are various distractions in your bedroom like blaring, addictive smartphone and flat screen TV and room’s temperature. Thanks to some new inventions, toys, tools and gadgets that help you in providing a better good night sleep.

Some Top Sleep Savers

  • Total Sleep Tracker

This tracker has been designed for helping you to snooze better. It helps you sleep, wake you up and tracks your sleep cycle in the long run. In this tracker, there is a movement sensor which lies beneath your mattress and an LED lamp which assures to relax you at night and gently awake you in the morning.

The tracker also has some light and sound patterns which assist with activities such as getting over jet lag, napping, chilling out with book etc. You can easily pair this tracker with Google’s home temperature maintenance tool, called Nest.

  • Curtain Liners

The key to getting relief and rest is darkness. Therefore, assure that your window is covered with curtain liners. This elegant set of liners can easily transform your bedroom into a sleeping pod with the assistance of a curtain rod. You can consider these liners to be the best eye mask you can ever get.

  • Multi-Tasking pillow

Switch to melodious tunes with this multi-tasking pillow which has gentle vibrations and plays light music through MP3 player. None of these can bother your sleep due to the intrasound technology that has been used in this pillow. You can expect a more sensory based and deeper level of relaxation and calmness that what you would have got from playing speakers.

  • Intuitive Alarm Clock

It is not an old type of alarm clock that you have been using throughout your life, it’s something very different. Suppose, you have set up an alarm for 6 a.m., this alarm clock will sense that you are waking closer to 5:45 a.m. and therefore may wake you up easier instead.

The censor which is commonly called as “pill” has an app which tracks the humidity, ambient lighting and sleep temperature. Moreover, the monitor of this alarm clock checks for quality of air in your sleep space.

You are no longer required to throw off that alarm clock as this one automatically shuts off with a motion sensor technology which requires only one wave of your hand.

  • Not-Bright Lightbulb

If you need a better sleep, then you should keep your room darker. Therefore avoid using bright LED bulbs for your bedroom. Thanks to the technology, that we have got digital good night bulbs which filter the blue light, which is a light found mostly in normal bulbs and which can block the production of melatonin chemical that is useful for sleep.

However, these bulbs may require a few days to have effect on your sleep cycle, the result in worth it-as it has five year warranty.

  • Temperature Regulator

Making your bedroom comfortable to sleep is nearly impossible particularly if you and your sleeping partner have different ideas about a right temperature. This is the place where this regulator comes into use!

It wicks the moisture from your body and cools you instantly. As this particular model offers dual air jets, you and your sleeping partner can sleep comfortably irrespective of what temperature each of you prefer.


Besides there gadgets, you can opt for replacing your old mattress with a new one for better sleep. visit www.sleepjunkie.org for offers on new mattresses.