Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Have you just launched a startup? If your answer is yes, then your aim is to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Right now, you need all the exposure you can get, but the problem is that you aren’t just competing with companies in your industry, but you are also going up against all the other marketing messages that people are bombarded with on a daily basis. As you are a startup, you probably don’t have a very large digital marketing budget to begin with so you are already at a disadvantage. The good news is that there are some affordable and invaluable digital marketing tips that can be used by startups for their benefit.

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Getting Social

One of the most cost-effective ways that you can market your startup is via social media. Not only is it a platform for growing your brand, it also offers customer service opportunities and an easy medium for promotion. However, you need to know how to exploit social media in the best possible way and you can do so with the following tips:

1. You need to be consistent and frequent. Social media gives you the chance of building your brand’s voice. Regular posting is essential and the posts also need to have a uniformed identity. Also, the posts should be in accordance with the brand’s message.

2. Remember that social media is about your customer and not you. Don’t just use your accounts for promotional purposes because this strategy will be a failure. Your followers need to be given some value so you should share information that your customers may be interested in and mix promotional content in between.

3. Use social media for engaging with followers. Your startup can interact with the audience and build relationships with customers. You need to make them feel like a part of your brand. Don’t hide from failures or complaints as they are part of your evolution as a brand and will give an insight into your customer service abilities.

4. You can also try making small investments in various social platforms. There are number of options such as sponsored tweets, Facebook ads and LinkedIn’s premium services.

Content Marketing

One of the most overlooked digital strategies is content marketing. Content is the vehicle used for conveying your brand’s message. You will not be able to succeed if your message isn’t well-formulated and the content isn’t clear.

1. You don’t just throw messages at the wall to see which one sticks. Some critical thinking is needed for effectively branding your startup. Instead of focusing on the features, try selling the benefits.

2. Content doesn’t have to be expensive; you can easily find high quality yet affordable content through content creation services.

3. Don’t just optimize the website’s landing page. Also optimize the internal pages for conversion and take advantage of SEO tools like Google Analytics to track the movement of your visitors on your website in order to offer a better experience.