DMarket Uses Blockchain to Monetize In-Game Items

DMarket Uses Blockchain to Monetize In-Game Items

DMarket is announcing the first decentralized marketplace for in-game content trading across any game platform.

DMarket will launch a cross-game marketplace that will enable gamers to trade any virtual item from any game on any platform. The marketplace will use blockchain and smart contract technologies to enable the world’s 2.2B gamers and their virtual items to enter the global market economy. DMarket makes one-click sales possible for any gamer anywhere in the world.

DMarket will offer an API for game developers that will make the items they want tradable, eliminating the need for them to create an independent ecosystem or market. Moreover, it opens a vast array of possibilities for indie developers who want to take advantage of in-game markets. This will increase revenue and the amount of time players spend in-game.

“With DMarket, gamers will be able to make their virtual items available on the global economy, creating a new billion dollar market. We are utilizing blockchain technology to act as matchmaker between virtual and real economies. DMarket will satisfy the demand of more than two billion gamers across different platforms,” shared VolodymyrPanchenko, the founder and CEO of DMarket. ”With just a single click, players will be able to exchange their items across multiple virtual worlds and trade them for real goods. DMarket will bring real value to every virtual item.”

In 2016, the gaming industry revenue has reached $100 billion and is expected to grow up to 128 billion by 2020. While there are millions playing, currently only 4,000 progamers make profits from their time in-game. Existing technologies cannot connect the different game universes and the many gaming platforms together. Players have been stuck with their precious items being undervalued, despite the time and effort spent earning them.

The evolution of the blockchain technology and smart contracts has enabled DMarket to solve the issue of a cross-platform marketplace for cross-game trading. Users will be able to convert their time, achievements and gaming experience into actual money.

DMarket launches their first round token sale on August 17, 2017. The company has already announced 72 hours of limited sale.

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