What are the Different Types of Web Hosting

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting

Technological advancement is something that we all have to appreciate. With the increased number of people owning websites, there is every reason to ensure you go for the right web hosting service provider to market your website. However, in an effort to find the best web host provider, many people tend to make a lot of mistakes. For that reason, this article aims to guide you in making the right choice when venturing into business or growing an online business.

Shared Web Hosting

Being the most commonly preferred web host for beginners, Shared hosting is the cheapest of all. Here one can get a personal domain but sharing of space by other websites is involved. Most hosting corporations, put multiple users on the same servers. In this way, limiting of resources to the less powerful sites is common. In fact, account suspension is very common here.

Cloud Hosting

Also known as VPS hosting, Cloud hosting enables one to access resources of multiple servers. It is developed on super powerful servers like Google and Amazon. Unlike, Shared Web hosting, your data is protected against all sorts of attacks. With Cloud hosting, one can grow their internet website business so fast than in other web hosting methods. Lately, a lot of people have upgraded to this system because it has a lot to offer as far as business is concerned.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting has a lot of advantages to its users. Importantly, one is allowed a personal server with all the required resources. Despite the fact that it is slightly expensive, you get to enjoy flexibility and full control of resources. Here your configuration and performance needs are given the first priority. Most people dislike sharing; the reason why dedicated hosting provides you with resources that you use alone. It is usually the best for those individuals who get approximately 100, 000 internet users visiting their sites per month. A side from being guaranteed of unmanaged services, dedicated hosting offers security scanning and malware


Virtual Private Servers

In most cases, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is installed in a computer that servers several websites. It relies on virtualization softwares to work. Interestingly, with VPS, you have full control over the VPS’s OS in order to reach a desired usage requirement. Sharing of VM’s OS is common but restriction is applied for safety purposes. Lastly, it is possible to host several websites.

Reseller Hosting

It is mainly used by people with multiple websites. Many consider it as a webmaster. One thing that stands out with this web host is its ability to control several websites from one center. Even though it is a shared hosting service provider, it is more advanced as compared to traditional web hosting providers.

With this knowledge, it is easy now to go for the right web hosting provider. However, you can check this UK comparison on MangoMatter to find more information to make an informed decision. It is time to move your online business to the next level.

In conclusion, web hosting is necessary in internet marketing. Competition is unavoidable aspect but there can be a way to limit it. Select the right package and you will be ahead of your competitors. For instance, the above discussed web hosting providers will give you an exceptional experience as you plan to venture into business or grow your internet business.