3 Cybersecurity Trends Your Tech Company Needs to Know

3 Cybersecurity Trends Your Tech Company Needs to Know

The year 2016 was a big one for cybersecurity awareness.

For a number of reasons, hacking, both good and bad, exploded in popularity. It’s no mystery that as technology continues to be relied upon for more stuff, the amount of cyber threats and attacks should increase.

So what does all this mean for your company?

Usually, hackers tend to go where the money’s at. That means using the most cost-efficient tactics and picking targets based on ease of access. If your company is already asking the question, “are we safe?” then you’re at least on the right track to protect yourself.

Understanding what’s trending in the cybersecurity realm can point your business in the right direction as to which precautions to take.

This article discusses 3 cybersecurity trends that your tech company needs to know.

The Number of Internal Cyber Threats Will Increase

As companies continue to beef up their network cybersecurity, hackers will start getting more creative in the ways they gain access to your systems. Network scanners are a necessary tool to have in place, but bad guys are figuring out alternate points of access.

Instead of searching for gaps, patches, or a backdoor in the network, they’ll likely try to circumvent that process all-together. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is being used more than ever. Hackers are starting to take advantage of this by reaching out to company employees directly via these social platforms.

Even the most intricate of cybersecurity systems can’t possibly account for John Smith, the hiring manager of another company, who sends one of your employees a bogus link to a position with higher pay. When this link is clicked, it unleashes a barrage of malware and all kinds of data becomes comprised.

Is your tech company able to handle something like this?

Internal threats to your system will continue to increase. The best defense against them is proper training and awareness.

Ransomware Attacks Will Increase

If you don’t know what ransomware is, it’s a special type of malware that infects a machine and locks access to it until a sum of money is paid.

In the past, hackers have used ransomware to target individual websites or businesses, making it a problem, but not a wide-scale epidemic. This year and beyond, prepare for things to get a little crazy.

Ransomware will become something similar to the self-propagating viruses of the past – ones that infect a computer, then move to another, and another. As cyber criminals continue to improve upon ransomware attacks, they will start occurring more frequently.

What’s more scary is that we have many more devices connected to the internet these days. Typically referred to as IoT devices, ransomware will have a significantly higher number of targets to impact, which means all the more reason to stay vigilant on the cybersecurity front.

Companies Will Spend More on Cybersecurity than Ever

Cybersecurity has become an integral part of every business these days. Technology is unavoidable if you want to stay competitive, and as such, you’ll likely need to spend a fair amount on ensuring the safety of your information.

The increased spending on cybersecurity should tell you that cyberattacks are real, and the cost of protecting yourself before an incident happens far outweighs the damage after an event.


Watching the cybersecurity trends can help your tech company stay ahead of the game. Everybody needs to be aware of the imminent threat of cyber-attacks, and in this case, the best defense is usually a good offense.