Content Marketing Sources from A to Z

Content Marketing Sources from A to Z

Content Marketing is the process of creating valuable content specific to a target audience and finding a way to get the content to that audience.

Even though content marketing sounds simple the process can be tedious and time consuming not to mention the time it takes to gain knowledge and experience.

That is why this list of Content Marketing sources from A to Z can help you save time.

Content-Infographic – is a collection of best blogs on various topics from Accounting to Zoology. You can submit your blog there to get more visibility.

Bookmark – Use bookmarking sites suitable to your industry like (business), and

Curate Content – from sites like, and

Digg and Delicious – Submit content to these sites.

Email List – The best source of recurring website traffic is your email subscribers.

Facebook – The most populated social site and biggest social traffic driver.

Google+ – Google’s own social site where followers can find your content for any given “Google Search” from Google+.

History – Check your competitor’s content marketing history using tools like BuzzSumo.

Influencer Marketing – Tap on influencers to amplify your content marketing efforts.

Be a content marketing Joe and keep learning.

Keywords – Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand so be sure to make use of keywords.

LinkedIn – Use LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups to reach a professional group of social users.

Medium – Medium is a content creation and marketing platform all in one and is free to use. The key to success in Medium is to find an appropriate Publication that will publish your content to its followers.

News – Content Marketers should use the news and current trends to their advantage and create content around these.

Opportunity – Content Marketing is not set and forget; you have to be always on the lookout for new platforms for both content creation and promotion.

Pinterest – Take advantage of one of the fastest growing social sites that is completely dedicated to visual content.

Quora – Answer questions and create content around the common questions.

Reddit & Repurposing Content – Find appropriate sub-Reddit to showcase your content. Content repurposing into infographics and slides can also boost your marketing results

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon sends traffic to your site unlike the other social networks and is very under-rated.

Twitter – Twitter is crowded but you can stand out with images, hashtags and including influencers.

User Experience – There is a lot of great content but combine it with great user experience to create a snowball effect.

Videos – Take advantage of the second biggest search engine behind Google, YouTube.

Work for it and help others share awesome content.

Expand Your Horizon – Don’t write just on your blog, reach out and write for industry blogs to showcase your expertise and build your reputation.

Your X Factor – What makes you different can also help you market your content better be it humour, technical knowledge and photography skills.

Z – We have run out of ideas but would like to wrap up with leveraging paid traffic and personal relationships.