Clever Christmas Ad Designs To Raise Your Holiday Spirit

Clever Christmas Ad Designs To Raise Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas is a magical time where hopes, dreams and kindness entangle in an endless embrace. Creating an advertisement for the holidays has always been a challenge which aims at bringing customers the joyful spirit of the winter holidays while emphasizing on the perks of using a particular product or service.

10 Witty & Creative Xmas Ad Designs

Putting up with a clever and memorable design for a Christmas advertisement campaign requires skills and research, but most of all, it needs a great concept. This collection of Xmas ad designs represents some of the most notable designs of outdoor posters, printed banners, and holiday cards which will raise your spirit. Let’s dive into the world of creative advertisement design and gather inspiration from some of the World’s best Xmas ad designs.

This brilliant Christmas advertisement by Burti Graphics shows how graphic design elements and symbolism can be successfully intertwined to create a smart and memorable design. The gorgeous green Pantone palette reminds of a figurative Christmas tree which perfectly contrasts with the bright red background.

Yet another creative Xmas advertisement design for Starbucks. This ad design uses a great color palette which perfectly captures the holiday spirit. Despite the fact that the Christmas tree is a proven classic in the creation of symbolism in holiday ad designs, this particular poster concept smartly resembles the Christmass spirit through a different type of symbol – the snowman. Starbucks has a lot more poster designs specially targeted at the winter holidays, yet, this one seems to best represent the joy and warmth of the Christmas eve.

Hellmann’s bold Christmas advertisement says it all. The company uses Coca Cola’s clever tactics and creates a relatable and memorable design which aims at teaching the customers the perks of having a jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise on the table during the winter holidays. The design’s witty concept aids for the creation of a great advertisement design which is still one of the most popular Xmas advertisement designs you can find over the internet.

What the Moscow designer Nikolay Pere has created for the advertisement campaign of Christmas Airlines is a glorious example of Xmas ad design done right! The posters cleverly use symbolism to create a Christmas tree out of airplanes. The design connects cultural and design elements into the creation of a memorable advertisement with exquisite appearance.


As always, the advertisement campaign of Mercedes Benz reflects the precision and cleverness of the brand. The tires, shaped as a Christmas tree, add a pinch of a joyful holiday spirit to the otherwise dark shades of the poster design.

This Christmas advertisement design for Adidas creatively captures the holiday spirit which successfully maintaining the brand’s minimalist look. The ad shows a symbolic Christmas tree created by the brand’s signature stripes.

Yet another beautiful Christmas advertisement for an airline company which combines witty humor and holiday symbolism to create a notable design. This smart and absolutely gorgeous poster of Brasil Airlines puts Santa in a different reality where airplane engines are the new winter sleds. The design’s cartoonish style creates an atmosphere of humor and joyfully reminds us of the importance of safe and swift transport during the wintry days.

This brilliant advertisement design of Mr. Kipling perfectly captures the Christmas spirit. The delicious cakes act as children’s playground and the box looks as if it exists in its own dreamland of an endless holiday joy.

Created for the 31st Göteborg International Film Festival, this beautiful advertisement designs uses familiar objects to represent the festival’s spirit through the lens of the winter holidays. The poster design represents a gorgeous presents, created by a smartly folded filmstrip.

This advertisement for Commercial Union puts the holiday spirit in a totally different perspective. The concept creatively applies humor and presents a relatable situation where the action takes place on the dinner table in the Christmas eve.