Capturing Design Tutorials with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Capturing Design Tutorials with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Are you interested in recording your very own design tutorials so that you can share some of your techniques or tips with others? Because most of your design probably utilizes software such as image editors or illustration tools, there is no better way to record the tutorial than by using a screen recorder.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used a screen recorder previously, as all you need is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. With its help you can quickly start to record the footage that you need for your tutorial, and all it will take is a few simple steps.


When you’re ready to start recording, open Movavi Screen Capture Studio and click on the ‘Record screen’ button to open up the screen recorder. Then click and drag the mouse cursor to draw a frame over the area that you want to record, or click on a program window to record it.

After you’ve drawn a frame or selected a program window, Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s interface will appear. On it you will find presets that you can use to alter the capture area, or even record in full screen. More importantly you’ll see two buttons that will allow you to toggle audio capture from your ‘System Audio’ or ‘Microphone’ – so you can record both the audio from your speakers as well as any commentary from your mic.

Another useful feature that may help you to record better tutorials is Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s ability to display keyboard actions on-screen, and highlight the mouse cursor. That should allow viewers to follow the actions you’re performing more easily and with greater clarity.

In any case when you’re done setting up the recording you can press ‘REC’ and control the recording with the ‘Stop’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the interface. Once it is done you can either save the recording immediately, or click ‘Open in Editor’ to load it into Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s built-in editor.

The reason you may want to choose the latter is that once it is in Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor you’ll have all the tools you need to make your tutorial look impressive and professional. Its features will let you enhance the video quality, trim unwanted footage, add captions, include background music, apply special effects, transform the frame and orientation, edit the audio, and much more.

In no small part that’s why Movavi Screen Capture Studio is such a capable tutorial video maker. Not only will it let you record the footage that you need to create impressive design tutorials, but it will also supply you with the tools to produce high quality and professional-looking content that really stands out.