8 Reasons Why Interactivity is Essential for Every Website

8 Reasons Why Interactivity is Essential for Every Website

Interactivity is essential these days. Static web pages really are no longer a viable option, and with so many sites cropping up, competition is no longer fierce; it’s brutal. Having a handful of interactive elements will help keep interest in your site. Keeping interest in your site is just the first step in building a small little empire on the web. Here are 8 reasons why you should include interactive elements to your website.

8 Reasons Why Interactivity is Essential

Increases Social Sharing

There’s a saying that goes ‘sharing is caring’ and it can’t be closer to the truth. Having content that is share worthy is just as crucial as having an interactive element. Having a great image goes a long way with Pinterest, and having something witty to go on Twitter is just as nice. No matter what social network you are on, it’s giving your viewership the chance to spread your work across their networks that really matter.

This can be achieved rather easily by integrating social sharing buttons and social media feed widgets that make it easy for your viewers to share your content. Bear in mind that you don’t have to be on every existing social media platform, rather focus on a couple at the time and take time to really master them.

Builds Long Term Relationships

This is what having a website is truly about. It’s more than just delivering great content or doing a wonderful job with your services or your products. It’s wanting to convert that viewer into a customer and keep them coming back for more. It’s wanting that one customer to spread the word about you to their own network. Building a great relationship isn’t easy though, but it is well worth the effort.

Long term relationships aren’t built overnight though. They take time and effort but in the long run, they help you grow your website and allow you to capture more email sign-ups which is essential for the success of any website.

Impacts Your Branding

You and your brand are synonymous. Every person who visits your site starts building a mental image of you and your content. This goes well beyond your just your website too, it includes any other places you can be found like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so much more. It should be worth considering how you approach interactions, because it will always be under some form of scrutiny.

Branding  goes well beyond your content, logo, and colors; it is also made up of your online personality. For better or for worse, if you aren’t true to yourself it will show in your work; which will make your brand look as fake as you are.

Builds Your Authority

This is also known as becoming an expert in your particular niche or the go to person in that community. By continually publishing relevant content and engaging with your audience, you will quickly stand out from your peers.

Helps You Build Backlinks

Google has made a direct effort to stop the practice of buying or trading links between people for the betterment of the web at large. It used to be that the more links that directed people to you the better placement you had in the search algorithm, a practice that would usually have some website that was not what the searcher intended because of bought links to very bad content.

The way that Google wants it to work now is to build backlinks organically, meaning that people do so because of how well your particular content was received. This places emphasis on your abilities to express your ideals and be well received by your peers and viewers.

Increases Your Search Engine Rankings

This is an extension of building your backlinks. Having more people linking to you, and you linking to more people helps to increase your ranking according to Google. It is not however just the links that help get your site on page one. Google also takes a look at other relevant factors which include page speed, content type, and whether or not your site is mobile friendly.

Because more and more people are using mobile devices, Google has made an effort to keep the people happy by putting more mobile friendly sites in front of them. Be sure all the interactive elements on your website such as email sign-up forms, sliders, videos resize properly when viewed on mobile devices.

Attracts More Web Traffic

Attracting web traffic is the lifeblood of every monetized website, and even some that aren’t directly monetized. Because your site is interactive it’s as close to you sitting down with your viewers and having a conversation and engaging them as possible. In today’s web, if you aren’t communicating properly, or at all; your site won’t even get off the ground.

So including as much pertinent interactivity in your website is important. This can include adding videos to your website or installing a live chat plugin which allows your visitors and readers to get in touch with you and get immediate help.

Generates More Sales

If your livelihood depends on your website, you know the importance of generating more sales. Including features such as 360 view of your products or the ability to zoom in on individual products, helps visitors make the final buying decision. Having means to get in touch with you and ask you any questions can be the final push they need to click the buy button, especially if you promptly address their immediate concerns.

Interactivity is a driving force in today’s internet spectrum which is why it’s important that any online business; small or large, makes the most out of building a personal relationship with those that come in contact with it.

We hope these 8 reasons why interactivity is essential for every website help you implement more interactive elements on your website. Did you find them worthwhile? Why don’t you let us know in the comments below.