6 Important Aspects of Marketing and Selling just about Anything

6 Important Aspects of Marketing and Selling just about Anything

There are a number of things to keep in mind when selling a product or service, all of varying importance. Some of them, however, are absolutely essential to marketing and selling your product. Here are some of the top few to consider.

1. Believe in your Product

If you’re selling a product, you should know that it’s the best on the market, and be able to tell potential customers why it is. You should be able to answer questions about the product, from what it does and where it’s made to how long the warranty is. If your customers can see that you know what you’re talking about, and believe in the product you’re selling, they’re more likely to trust it.

2. Care about your Clients

Selling anything is much more about the people than the actual product. You should always focus on what you and your product or service can do for your client. Why it will benefit them, not why the product itself is great. Put yourself in their shoes, empathy is one of your most valuable marketing tools.

3. Generate good leads

Before you can start selling a product, customers have to know it exists. If a lot of your sales or marketing is going to be online, find a good digital marketing company. Get the word out about your product, bring customers to your website.

4. Know Your Target Market

Determine who your target market is so you can perfect your marketing. Generalized marketing will reach some of your target market, but may not be worth the cost. Knowing where and how to advertise your product or service will make it much easier to sell. Direct marketing is often effective – finding companies and individuals with an identifiable need for your product and advertising directly to them, whether by phone, mail or email.

5. Product Presentation

Superficial as it may be, appearance is one of the major influencers in people’s purchasing decisions. It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s top-selling products have some of the best package designs. The appearance of your product, your website, even a sales representative is more important than you’d think. Models, promoters – all good looking. People want what looks good.

6. What’s Trending

You don’t necessarily need to align your marketing to the latest fad, but there are certain principles that do apply. Eco-awareness is more prominent than ever. Consumers are more willing to buy from companies with a “green” reputation. This is also the root of cause marketing. Playing on the ‘feel good’ factor – in essence, if people feel they are contributing to a worthy cause, be it a children’s home, a conservation effort, or simply buying an eco-friendly product.

If you can perfect your marketing strategy and your sales technique, you can sell almost anything. But what works for one product or service may not be right for another, part of marketing is knowing how to adapt.