5 Simple Tips for Improving Traffic to Your Website

5 Simple Tips for Improving Traffic to Your Website

Do you have your own website that is struggling to attract traffic? This is the harsh reality of web-based businesses. You cannot simply design a website for an online business or a blog and expect the users to visit in droves. It takes time and savvy marketing to truly get a website going. So, if you have traffic or conversion trouble with your website, check out the tips below that will help you improve your site for the better:

1. Make It Load Fast

Users are immediately turned off by websites that take 2 seconds or more to load. If you want to attract and retain users, you must make sure that your site loads in a matter of milliseconds. For example, if you sell cell phones online, the images of your products could slow down loading time. You can solve such loading problems by removing plugins, using less bulky images, limiting videos and removing widgets on the home page.

2. Get Rid of Pop-Ups

Pop-up windows are anathema in the online world. No one likes them; certainly not consumers. You might be prone to making pop-up window mistakes if you run a retail website. Don’t use pop ups to announce discounts, sales or reductions about your mobile phone price rates. Instead, use side graphics on the web page itself. If you use pop-up windows on your website, users could easily mistake it for a spam site.

3. Include Call to Action Buttons

Instead of using pop ups to announce discounts or special offers, use a call to action graphic or a button on your homepage above the scroll line. A call to action is something that you design to prompt users to click on a link. For example, if you are an online mobile store, you can make call to action graphics for seasonal sales and low prices. Keep the text short and graphics simple to attract attention.

4. Redesign Based on Feedback

Some owners never resign their website, and others redesign too much. Like most things in life, you should redesign your website in moderation to improve looks and navigation when it is necessary. Don’t spontaneously change the look of the website. It will make your site hard to navigate and unappealing to frequent visitors. If you do need to redesign your website, get customer feedback first. Conduct a survey and ask regular and first-time visitors what they dislike about the site and what needs improvement.

5. Publish Web Content

If you want your site to be shared around the web, create web content that can be shared, and include a link to your website in them. Web content should be well written, interesting to read, and as short as possible. Regularly update web content to increase your chance of getting shared between users. If you can create a viral post, your website will certainly see traffic numbers beyond what you dreamed of. You can also use best keyword research tool to improve your website traffic.

As promised, the above tips are simple to execute and will be a world of help when trying to lure in new users to your website.