3 Ways To Streamline Your Company

3 Ways To Streamline Your Company

Modern technology is shrinking the world rapidly. One of the consequences is that it is much easier to start a business and this has made business in general much more competitive.

This means that it is more important than ever to ensure you have the best processes and production methods; keeping your costs to a minimum, your prices competitive and your profits reasonable!

These 3 methods will help you to streamline your company and remain at the top of your field:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning

This sounds impressive and perhaps a little scary. However, ERP has been practiced by many businesses, including steel & metal fabrication, for many years.

All you need to do is look at all your processes as one, not separate. You will then be able to see how they interact and affect each other.

While it is useful to analyze each procedure to make sure they are being completed as efficiently as possible. Reviewing how all the procedures interact can provide a huge range of options for streamlining. You’ll be surprised!

For example, integrating stock monitoring with sales will allow you to develop a system that does all of this at the same time. This will reduce the manpower you need and improve the customer service you can offer.

  1. Review Paper Trails

The paperless company was all anyone talked about a few years ago and yet actually implementing it is very difficult. There is some information that has to be recorded on paper.

But not all. You need to review the processes in the company and wherever someone is creating or using part of a paper trail you need to identify what they are getting from using paper as opposed to an electronic format.

You will find that many of the processes have simply always been done a particular way. Changing them and removing non-essential paperwork will save your company money as well as improve the efficiency of a given process.

  1. Ownership

Your employees are your most important asset but they can be easily overlooked.

To streamline your company you need to start empowering them. Make every employee responsible for their role and the consequences of their output. The more involved they feel with the company the harder they will try to improve the process.

This is simply a matter of recognition. Accept that an employee knows their job and let them know that you will not interfere unless they mess up. This way they will take more pride and have more loyalty to your firm.

The simple reason for this is that they will have pride in their work and feel like they matter.

It is surprising how a motivated employee can improve the processes. After all they are the ones who know the systems best.

Placing a little trust in your employees can be rewarded in more ways than just streamlining. They will be loyal and you will experience a lower rate of staff turnover. If you don’t need to keep training new staff you will find that your company is naturally more streamlined.

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