WordPress Tools to Supercharge Your Blog

WordPress Tools to Supercharge Your Blog

WordPress has changed the way people blog and the phenomenon of blogging as a whole. It has made it possible for everyone to get the opportunity to publish online and transformed the blogosphere in so many ways. Since its launch in 2003 it has changed boring static blogs into a dynamic, extendable and easy to use platforms, where everybody can get around with no effort.

The best thing about WordPress, however, is its capacity to extend and adjust in all possible aspects to better serve the huge community behind it. Although WordPress provides all the functionalities required for easy and hassle free blogging, the good news is that you can upgrade it further to best fit your specific needs. You can choose a relevant template for your website, give it the right coloring, choose the typography style and equip with the right set of extensions to satisfy your visitors.

Below I’ll provide a short list of WordPress tools that would absolutely supercharge your blog and give it a completely new look and feel.


The best thing you can do to change the tone and feel of your blog is to choose a beautiful and modern theme for it. A carefully chosen template will add personality to your blog and make it look more professional and trustworthy. Sauron is one of those modern themes that is attracting to the eye,functional and easy to navigate around. It’s an advanced multipurpose WordPress theme, which means it’s feature-rich enough to serve almost all types of blogs and websites alike.What stands this theme apart is its one page scrolling design with parallax technology and the availability of different section-like pages that your can fully customize.


It features a sticky menu at the top, which creates an organized and easy to get around look for its users. The theme also comes with 10 page templates to help you create various pages for your blog and give them the coloring you’d like. No need to mention that Sauron is responsive , SEO-friendly, widget-ready and fully customizable.

To discover all its features you can check the Pro version of Sauron WordPress theme.

Business Elite

The choice for templates is rather tough for business websites, however. For corporate purposes you need the right set of features and functionalities that would build a distinguished identity for your business and help you to better serve your customers.
WordPress Business Elite is a one page WordPress theme with a fixed menu at the top, which will be a great choice for a business and corporate websites.The homepage slider right under the menu is a great option to highlight some of the key aspects of your business or current hot offers/services/deals.


There are 30 pre-installed typography fonts to choose from and 10 page templates to create various pages without spending too much time. The contact form at the bottom of the homepage is a useful addition to keep in touch with your customers.The theme is built with clean coding and equipped with all the necessary functionalities for a website to stand out. It’s responsive and SEO-friendly.

Check Business Elite Pro to discover all its features.

Google Maps WD

Google maps are highly popular among all types of websites. There is hardly a blog or website you can find without a map on it. The reason is they are very functional and come in handy when you need to point out your location or even provide directions to it. Google Maps WD plugin comes with all the advanced features that you’ll need to add functional  maps to your blog. With its help you can create responsive and intuitive maps with unlimited markers and colorful layers.


This WordPress Google maps plugin  comes with a set of stand out features, such as, configuration wizard, store locator, custom icon builder for markers, user geolocation, advanced marker listing, etc. It supports roadmap, satellite, terrain and hybrid map styles and allows your to add polygon, polyline, circle, rectangle shaped overlays on them.You can fully customize the maps by choosing one of the seven available map themes and see all the changes you’ve made in real time preview.

You can check Google Maps WD Pro to discover all its features

Slider WD

Sliders are by far the most widely used elements on modern homepages.They give an intuitive look to any blog or website and help to showcase important information up front and in a beautiful way. Slider WD can really upgrade your website design and help you to grab visitor’s attention at hello. The sliders are responsive and are not going to affect the loading speed of your website, as this WordPress slider plugin is built with highly quality and clean coding. The slides can contain image and video files and you can also add image, social sharing, and hotspot layers to enhance their functionality. The slides support parallax and carousel effects which give it an attractive look. For a more sleek design and you can add various transition and layer effects to the slides.


As for some security you can enable right click protection or add image watermarks on the slides and avoid the illegal use of your images by other users. Actually, Slider WD is a great way to enhance the functionality of your website and give it an attractive visual effect.

You can check WordPress Slider WD Pro  to discover all its features.


As the time goes by, almost all blogs are bound to face a common problem: their content is getting buried, especially if they publish several blog posts per day. To help your blog visitors easily find the content they’re interested in you’ll have to power up the initial searching option of the WordPress. The best solution for it is the Relevanssi plugin, which is all about supercharging the searching feature of your website. It adds a more advanced search engine to your blog and provides better and more relevant search results to your visitors.


It searches your entire blog including comments section, tags, categories, and custom fields and highlights the results best matching the search query. It’s capable of searching for phrases in quotation marks and displays partial matching results if no results were found fully matching the searched expressions. Relevanssi is a great tool go with if you want to take the searching feature of your blog to the next level.


Want a better user and post engagement ? Don’t look any further than Disqus comment system. With its help you can significantly increase the engagement of your posts and get an handy way to moderate the comments section of your blog along the way. It connects thousands of users and websites using Disqus as a commenting system,  and makes it easier for them to comment and engage in discussions.


The comments are fully filtered to avoid spam,are easy to moderate  and are indexable by search engines. The users can subscribe to the comments they like or vote up/down to any of them. Its easy to follow discussions as the comments are threaded and social mentions are also possible. The commenters get notifications about the new comments or replies by emails.

You can upgrade and supercharge your blog at any point. All you’ll need is the right set of tools that would add value to it and make it easily usable both for you and the visitors of your blog. The above mentioned WordPress themes and plugins have been personally tested and are proven to bring some amazing results wherever they go, be it a personal blog, corporate website or a high-traffic information website.