Top 5 WordPress Development Tips

Top 5 WordPress Development Tips

WordPress – The Open Source platform of choice for many web developers – powers almost 25% of the websites available on the internet.

Why? Because of its sheer flexibility. When it comes to development and ease of development there is no better platform out there than WordPress.

Below are 5 tips and compelling benefits that make WordPress Development ideal:

1. Security

Your WordPress developer will most likely tell you one of the main benefits of developing a WordPress website is the security that the platform offers.

WordPress comes with regular updates that you can set to automatically install, as do many of the plugins available for development.

One hot tip to keep your WordPress website secure is to use a nifty little plugin called Sucuri. This plugin allows you to protect your folders from hack attacks, keep your WordPress & plugins up to date, helps you recover should you get hacked and alerts you when core files are changed and when people successfully login to your WordPress admin panel.

2. Flexibility

With the WordPress platform comes great flexibility. You are able to customise and develop almost every element of the WordPress platform right from the dashboard all the way through to themes and plugins.

There are lots of ways to develop your WordPress frame work, one of the recommended sources is NARGA – which makes editing child and parent themes a breeze.

Advanced tip: You can use WordPress “Hooks” to add in your own development code without having to modify the core WordPress code.

3. Huge Community

The hundreds of thousands of members of the WordPress community includes, enthusiasts, developers and designers.

They all strive to make WordPress the best platform on the web and are constantly pushing to develop WordPress.

This huge community not only allows you to access hundreds of thousands of online articles and WordPress Tutorials but provides you with a great place to find a WordPress Web Developer to work on your project.

Make the most of the online WordPress community by visiting the WordPress Forums.

4. Use Custom Post Types

By using custom post types you are able to push WordPress development to its maximum.

Custom post types allow you to style your pages and add in custom meta data for those specific pages.

5. Share your WordPress Developments

By sharing your code and developments you are contributing to the WordPress community and pushing the platform forward.

Sharing not only gives others the opportunities to learn from your code, but it may also help you learn of better ways to write your development code from the pool of expert WordPress Developers available in the community.

What are your top WordPress Development tips? Created any cool custom code you think the community should be aware of? Please share in the comments below.

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