50 Gorgeous 3D Desktop Wallpapers

Today is the time to refresh the taste with the creative and gorgeous 3D Desktop Wallpapers. This post contains very beautiful creation by different talented designers – who spent a lot of time in front of their computer for their creativity. We hope, you will enjoy this marvelous collection.

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1. Globe Under Spotlights

1_Globe Under Spotlights

Globe Under Spotlights

2. Windows Four Balls In Mist

2_Windows Four Balls In Mist

Windows Four Balls In Mist

3. 3D Abstract

3_3D Abstract

3D Abstract

4. Robot Eggs Wallpaper

4_Robot Eggs Wallpaper

Robot Eggs Wallpaper

5. Afternoon Shadows

5_Afternoon Shadows

Afternoon Shadows

6. DA - 3D Wallpaper

6_DA - 3D Wallpaper

DA - 3D Wallpaper

7. Lovers Embrace

7_Lovers Embrace

Lovers Embrace

8. For The People

8_For The People

For The People

9. 3D Wallpaper 25

9_3D Wallpaper 25

3D Wallpaper 25

10. Zune 3D Wallpaper

10_Zune 3D Wallpaper

Zune 3D Wallpaper

11. 3D Wallpaper Pack 01

11_3D Wallpaper Pack 01

3D Wallpaper Pack 01

12. Self Illumination

12_Self Illumination

Self Illumination

13. Ocean 3D Widescreen Wallpaper

13_Ocean 3D Widescreen Wallpaper

Ocean 3D Widescreen Wallpaper

14. Ei Robot Wallpaper

14_Ei Robot Wallpaper

Ei Robot Wallpaper

15. 3D Auto - Car Digital Illustration

15_3D Auto - Car Digital Illustration

3D Auto - Car Digital Illustration

16. Digital art Fantasy Woman for Desktop

16_Digital art Fantasy Woman for Desktop

Digital art Fantasy Woman for Desktop

17. Precise Pangolin

17_Precise Pangolin

Precise Pangolin

18. 3D Rendered Water

18_3D Rendered Water

3D Rendered Water

19. Green Nature

19_Green Nature

Green Nature

20. Loskuur WP Pack

20_Loskuur WP Pack

Loskuur WP Pack

21. Derpy Hooves 3D Wallpaper - Bubbles

21_Derpy Hooves 3D Wallpaper - Bubbles

Derpy Hooves 3D Wallpaper - Bubbles

22. Chimera



23. Walnut Wood Blooms

23_Walnut Wood Blooms

Walnut Wood Blooms

24. Pale Entity

24_Pale Entity

Pale Entity

25. 3D Wallpaper 23

25_3D Wallpaper 23

3D Wallpaper 23

26. 3D Abstract Wallpaper

26_3D Abstract Wallpaper

3D Abstract Wallpaper

27. The Rider

27_The Rider

The Rider

28. MATTE PAINTING - Babel Myth

28_MATTE PAINTING - Babel Myth


29. The Speedster

29_The Speedster

The Speedster

30. Remixed Idea Redux

30_Remixed Idea Redux

Remixed Idea Redux

31. Matter Antimatter Generator

31_Matter Antimatter Generator

Matter Antimatter Generator

32. Persimmon Passions

32_Persimmon Passions

Persimmon Passions

33. Midnite Raven

33_Midnite Raven

Midnite Raven

34. Spirit of the Age

34_Spirit of the Age

Spirit of the Age

35. Journey to Delphinus

35_Journey to Delphinus

Journey to Delphinus

36. Wreakage



37. Way to Heaven

37_Way to Heaven

Way to Heaven

38. The Abyss

38_The Abyss

The Abyss

39. 3D Wallpapers 13

39_3D Wallpapers 13

3D Wallpapers 13

40. Alien Vs Predator

40_Alien Vs Predator

Alien Vs Predator

41. Smash Method

41_Smash Method

Smash Method

42. An Impossible Dream

42_An Impossible Dream

An Impossible Dream

43. Kat The Wallpaper

43_Kat The Wallpaper

Kat The Wallpaper

44. Bergs Wallpaper

44_Bergs Wallpaper

Bergs Wallpaper

45. Candy in Motion

45_Candy in Motion

Candy in Motion

46. Internet Cafe

46_Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe

47. Re-Entry



48. Blue Glue

48_Blue Glue

Blue Glue

49. 3d Wallpaper 4

49_3d Wallpaper 4

3d Wallpaper 4

50. Robots In Love

50_Robots In Love

Robots In Love


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