10 Logo Design Tips that Will Help You Create a Great Looking Logo

10 Logo Design Tips that Will Help You Create a Great Looking Logo

Logo designing is simple, right? You may want to rethink that. The truth is that there’s much more to designing your business’s visual identity than merely placing a name in some simple square and concluding the job is done. Often, a logo is the first impression of your company. It impacts the brand perception of the customer, overall attitude towards your products, and the final purchase decisions.

Whether a beginner or simply in need of a logo refresh, the following 10 logo design tips will help you create a great logo.

1. Know your Brand

Remember that your logo needs to reach a particular audience, the target customers. Therefore, before you begin designing your logo, ensure you have some deep insight into your brand. These are the details that will guide the creation of your logo design. Your logo elements will be picked from that information available.

2. Be Authentic

A good logo ought to reflect the values of your product, service or company. You are the brand, the authenticity source, and the job of the logo is to effectively deliver those unique qualities to your audience. The logo is not really what makes the business; more often, the business makes the logo. Be authentic!

3. Color is Important

An important consideration when designing your logo is the color scheme. This is because color carries special meaning and communicates your ideas. Every color has a different implication to your brand message – so don’t convey the wrong brand message because you used the wrong shade.

Sometimes you may find yourself restricted to the colors of your brand, but it pays to explore. The important thing is that the color palette chosen should effectively convey your brand message.

4. Use the Right Font

Just like the color scheme, the logo fonts also matter very much. In fact, it’s possible to design a great brand logo by just using a memorable font. A perfect example, in this case, is the Coca-Cola logo whose fonts are just right.

5. Keep It Simple

The best and most powerful emblems are always simple. For example, look at the Nike logo. This is an extremely simple swoosh logo. The Samsung logo only has one color while the Pepsi logo only two. The silhouette of an apple used in the Apple logo is nothing memorable or special but it communicates. Remember, keep it simple stupid!

6. Focus on your Target Audience

A highly-focused visual that targets a specific audience will connect your brand more. The message and tone should be based on the demographic traits of those you want to reach.  Your logo design should focus on who you want to attract, not on your own personal taste or style.

7. Use Online Resources

In the technology-driven world of today, there is certainly no shortage of good online solutions and logo design is not any different. For those seeking pro assistance, help is easily accessible online.

LogoMyWay, for example, has over 30,000 logo designers waiting to assist you in creating a great looking logo. The LogoMyWay online logo maker is the perfect tool for that awesome logo design, especially when you work with their specialists.

8. Shake the Wheel

It pays to try new things, and boldly! As a brand, Pepsi has been with us for over a century. The modern Pepsi logo you see today is drastically different from the way they began. However, the transformation has been a gradual one. All through, Pepsi has been building on an already established brand, not trading the old brand for a new one.

9. To be Passive vs. Active

An interesting logo design facet worth looking into is the unique concept of instilling a sense of action into your logo. For example, consider the Twitter logo. The bird “graduated” from a perched and passive sitting position to be a flying and active bird.

Recently, they have taken the concept even further as we now see the bird pointing in an upward direction, indicating that it’s climbing rather than floating or coasting. 

10. Think Long-Term

In the logo design industry, trends are quite common. For instance, currently, the minimalist bright and metallic colors are in vogue. However, your logo shouldn’t be based on these trends alone. It should be a classic design capable of surviving the test of time, yet flexible enough when change is needed. 


In this digital era, creating a powerful logo design is a must. For that, ensure that you have all the pertinent details about your business brand inside out. The final product should not only be a unique logo but one that is simple in design as to convey your brand message clearly. Your business emblem should also be in the right colors, versatile, and scalable. Bottom-line, a great looking logo must project your brand personality.

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