25 Incredible Examples of Wildlife Photography

Photographers are always searching for resources and places where they can take great shots and find ideas for new photographs. Wildlife photography is something that manages to pass a shiver through the body of anyone hearing it. That sense of danger and surprises from dangerous animals is always there to scare the smoke out of you.

In this post you’ll find a collection of 25 incredible wildlife photos that I’m sure you’ll like and appreciate the photographers effort for capturing such amazing wildlife moments.

1. The Gathering

1_The Gathering

The Gathering

2. Horse Near Mountains

2_Horse Near Mountains

Horse Near Mountains

3. Fox



4. Silly Walk

4_Silly Walk

Silly Walk

5. Chameleon



6. Pelican Walvis bay Namibia

6_Pelican Walvis bay Namibia

Pelican Walvis bay Namibia

7. Lazy Whoppers

7_Lazy Whoppers

Lazy Whoppers

8. Face Control Alaska Style

8_Face Control Alaska Style

Face Control Alaska Style

9. Startling Albert Einstein Back as a Bird

9_Startling Albert Einstein Back as a Bird

Startling Albert Einstein Back as a Bird

10. Lizard Zion National Park

10_Lizard Zion National Park

Lizard Zion National Park

11. The Sleeping Beauty

11_The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty

12. Golden Lion Tamarins Ride

12_Golden Lion Tamarins Ride

Golden Lion Tamarins Ride

13. Trusssst in Meeeeee…

13_Trusssst in Meeeeee…

Trusssst in Meeeeee…

14. Mirror



15. Step By Step

15_Step By Step

Step By Step

16. Gotcha



17. Mouse Trap

17_Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

18. The Grace of Nature

18_The Grace of Nature

The Grace of Nature

19. Playtime



20. Kori Bustard

20_Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard

21. Spider No. 2

21_Spider No. 2

Spider No. 2

22. Furcifer Pardalis

22_Furcifer Pardalis

Furcifer Pardalis

23. Resting



24. Attack



25. Stick and Fly

25_Stick and Fly

Stick and Fly


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  1. Fabulous wildlife photos. I loved seeing them.

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