Remarkable Concrete Typography

This remarkable modular typeface is the work David McGillivray who designed and photographed the whole alphabet using only 7 shapes for a total of 14 blocks of concrete. Nothing has been added to the images; it’s all real concrete.

Let have a look, and here are some other beautiful articles on Paper Butterfly, Human Eye Photography, Camera Ads and Butterfly Pictures.

1_Concrete Typography A2_Concrete Typography B3_Concrete Typography C4_Concrete Typography D5_Concrete Typography E6_Concrete Typography F7_Concrete Typography G8_Concrete Typography H9_Concrete Typography I10_Concrete Typography J11_Concrete Typography K12_Concrete Typography L13_Concrete Typography M14_Concrete Typography N15_Concrete Typography O16_Concrete Typography P17_Concrete Typography Q18_Concrete Typography R19_Concrete Typography S20_Concrete Typography T21_Concrete Typography U22_Concrete Typography V23_Concrete Typography W24_Concrete Typography X25_Concrete Typography Y26_Concrete Typography Z

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