Mesmerizing Paper Butterfly Art

Paper artist Rebecca J. Coles work currently focuses on the reinvention of entomological cataloguing, display and the assemblage of shapes. She is fascinated with the process by which three-dimensional decorative forms materialise out of flat sheets of paper.

Let have a look on the mesmerizing paper butterfly art by Rebecca J. Coles which is composed of hundreds of paper butterflies. Here are some other interesting collection of Nail Art, Emotional Photography, Butterfly Pictures and Bubble Photographs.

1_Paper Butterfly Art2_Paper Butterfly Art3_Paper Butterfly Art4_Paper Butterfly Art5_Paper Butterfly Art6_Paper Butterfly Art7_Paper Butterfly Art8_Paper Butterfly Art9_Paper Butterfly Art10_Paper Butterfly Art11_Paper Butterfly Art12_Paper Butterfly Art

One Thought on “Mesmerizing Paper Butterfly Art

  1. Very beautiful,I want to make a!

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