Innovative and Creative Business Card Designs

Whichever business you’re in, and especially for anyone in the field of design, such as web designers, a business card can be as important as your website identity. If you’re looking to design your own print business card, this is a great starting point to help fuel your creativity to kick start the thought process. Let have a look on these Innovative and Creative Business Card Designs.

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1. Cat Box

1_Cat Box

Cat Box

2. Sound Designer Card

2_Sound Designer Card

Sound Designer Card

3. Photography



4. Super Capacity

4_Super Capacity

Super Capacity

5. Flow Yoga Business Card

5_Flow Yoga Business Card

Flow Yoga Business Card

6. Musical Comb Business card

6_Musical Comb Business card

Musical Comb Business card

7. Solo Paquetes

7_Solo Paquetes

Solo Paquetes

8. Devcon Construction

8_Devcon Construction

Devcon Construction

9. Hair Stylist Business Card

9_Hair Stylist Business Card

Hair Stylist Business Card

10. Agencia-D



11. Bang Your Own Drum

11_Bang Your Own Drum

Bang Your Own Drum

12. Dr. Al

12_Dr. Al

Dr. Al

13. Sponge Card

13_Sponge Card

Sponge Card

14. Hub



15. Kinetic



16. Shawn Grima

16_Shawn Grima

Shawn Grima

17. Jae Salavarrieta

17_Jae Salavarrieta

Jae Salavarrieta

18. Wake Up Your Body

18_Wake Up Your Body

Wake Up Your Body

19. Levin Tahmaz Master Trainer

19_Levin Tahmaz Master Trainer

Levin Tahmaz Master Trainer

20. Casabella Furniture

20_Casabella Furniture

Casabella Furniture


One Thought on “Innovative and Creative Business Card Designs

  1. Love the sponge cards really different and unique. They are very eyecatching.

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