20 Extremely Beautiful 3D Tattoo Designs

In all times people believed in the magic power of making designs on the skin. But who and when made the first tattoo design is still not known. The 3D mania seems have influenced even the tattoo business. Gone is the glory of the 2D tattoo designs: butterfly, anchor, flames or heart.

Below, we present 20 extremely beautiful 3D tattoo designs, created by genius artists. Let have a look, and we will also look forward for your valuable comments.

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1. 3d Spider

1_3d Spider

3d Spider

2. Beautiful 3D Tattoo

2_Beautiful 3D Tattoo

Beautiful 3D Tattoo

3. 3D Shoulder Tattoo

3_3D Shoulder Tattoo

3D Shoulder Tattoo

4. Wolf



5. Spider



6. Eye 3D Tattoo

6_Eye 3D Tattoo

Eye 3D Tattoo

7. Sakura Tattoo

7_Sakura Tattoo

Sakura Tattoo

8. 3D Tattoo by Tiago Hois

8_3D Tattoo by Tiago Hois

3D Tattoo by Tiago Hois

9. Reptile Tattoo

9_Reptile Tattoo

Reptile Tattoo

10. Typography 3D Tattoo

10_Typography 3D Tattoo

Typography 3D Tattoo

11. 3D Tattoo Design

11_3D Tattoo Design

3D Tattoo Design

12. Bullets



13. 3d Tattoo Butterfly

13_3d Tattoo Butterfly

3d Tattoo Butterfly

14. Flower 3D Tattoo

14_Flower 3D Tattoo

Flower 3D Tattoo

15. Dove



16. Cool 3D Tattoo

16_Cool 3D Tattoo

Cool 3D Tattoo

17. Spider 3D Tattoo

17_Spider 3D Tattoo

Spider 3D Tattoo

18. 3D Scorpion 3D Tattoo

18_3D Scorpion 3D Tattoo

3D Scorpion 3D Tattoo

19. Crop Circles Tattoo

19_Crop Circles Tattoo

Crop Circles Tattoo

20. 3D Ladybird

20_3D Ladybird

3D Ladybird


6 Thoughts on “20 Extremely Beautiful 3D Tattoo Designs

  1. It’s not a wolf, its a bear !!

  2. wow 3d tattoos are awesome thank you for this beautiful picture


  4. These are so cool! How do I find an artist in my area who can do these types of 3D tattoos?

  5. Nyi Nyi Lwin on December 7, 2012 at 9:12 pm said:

    I really like all of Tattoos.Keep try man..We will wait your new Tattoos..

  6. Wow, some of those tattoos are awesome!!

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