Efficient Web Designing Services Care for Color Impaired People

Efficient Web Designing Services Care for Color Impaired People

Color blindness is a genetic defect that affects about 300 million people from all around the world. This disability impairs a person’s ability to make differentiation between different colors. Websites are meant for reaching out to the largest number of people from all over the world. If your website is extremely attractive but not colorblind friendly, then you are going to lose out about 300 million potential clients as they do not have the ability to navigate through the website or understand the content of your official site.


However, websites can be easily made colorblind friendly by keeping in mind certain basic principles of the color theory. Pro web designing houses are offering such exclusive services to their clients so as to make sure that they can reach out to the largest number of target clients. Web designers developing colorblind friendly websites, do not need to become an expert on this particular topic. Having a general idea about the common problems faced by the colorblind people and the probable solutions will help in coming up with attractive yet colorblind friendly websites. Here are some important facets that the designers must remember doing while developing colorblind friendly websites:

Contrasting Shades

Colorblindness does not necessarily mean that the person would not be able to identify any color. A very small percentage of the world population usually suffers from monochromatic vision i.e. an inability to identify any color. Most color blind people can identify all colors in the spectrum; however they find it difficult to differentiate between slightly different shades of the same color.

While designing a website, if designers are using colors of the same shade on different elements, they must make sure that the shades are quite different in their brightness to make it colorblind friendly. So if you are using different shades of blue on a webpage, make sure that the shift is from light blue to dark blue so that the colorblind viewers can easily make out a difference.


Glaring Color Combos

Colors in a website must be selected logically. Using two bright shades like combination of red, pink, purple or other bright colors in a single website is not advisable. It hits the eyes painfully and causes much pain to the eyes. Even normal people with no disability find it difficult to tolerate such bright colors; therefore the eyes of colorblind people will probably start to water once they see such stark color combination. It is best to use colors that are present in the opposite poles of the color saturation palette to get the best effect.

Moreover when two different bright colors are used in a single webpage, then the contents and graphic designs present on the webpage become blurred. So it becomes difficult for the people to distinguish between the content and background. This might adversely affect the traffic of the website, resulting in the webmaster to loose potential clients.

There are some online tools that will help web designers to choose colors by providing them with a preview of what a color blind person see while browsing a website and thereafter choose colors intelligently. The web designers must choose a good range of colors and use them in a well-designed layout to come up with an awesome colorblind friendly website.

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