Amazing Intricate Eggshell Art by Franc Grom

Egg Art Master Franc Grom sells egg artwork by creating approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes in each egg shell. His intricate art is inspired by traditional Slovenian designs.

These cracking sculptures have incredibly been made out of delicate eggshells using just a pin and a lot of patience. Slovenian artist Franc Grom, 72, turns everyday eggshells that would normally be thrown out with the rubbish into beautiful pieces of art.

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1_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom2_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom3_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom4_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom5_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom6_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom7_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom8_Eggshell Art by Franc Grom

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