Top Direct Mail Designs to Grab Your Audience Attention

Top Direct Mail Designs to Grab Your Audience Attention

Direct marketing experts and professionals all over the world are constantly looking for easy to follow solutions that will help their clients create campaigns that actually work. In the world of direct mail marketing, there are different formats and designs you can choose from as you plan your campaign.

The niche you are targeting, the offer you are making, and the budget you are working with are all critical pieces that will determine the direct mail design to go for and by extension the success of your campaign. Discussed below are some direct mail formats you can think about.

Letter Package

This format is quite popular and consists of a letter, a brochure, a form or order card, and an outer envelope. Though not always, some designers such as US Presort include a lift note inside. The lift note is usually a personal, sort of handwritten stationery piece measuring about 6 x 9 inches.

Some marketers make the envelopes look official by putting words on them such as Confirmation Number and Verified Mail. Depending on your preferences, you may also create a sense of urgency by writing words such as Rush, High Priority Contents, or Express Letter Service.


This is a very versatile direct mail design. You can mail it just as you would a magazine. Though there are many varieties of self-mailers, the three favorite ones include:

Slim Jim – You can find this design in sizes ranging from 6 x 10 to 61/8 x 111/2 inches. Slim Jim has a unique quality of elegance in its shape and size.

Megalog – This measures about 8 x 11 inches in size. It is full of color, floppy, and looks like an actual magazine. It is a preferable direct mail design solution for nutritional and health supplement marketing.

Digest –This is a little booklet resembling the Reader’s Digest. In terms of size, it measures about 6 x 9 inches and it has a special appeal to people probably due to the fact that it feels good to hold in the hand.


If you are working with a somewhat low budget, but still want an excellent direct mail format, the postcard is an easy go-to design solution. Just like self-mailers, postcards don’t have as much sales copy, but your audience benefits from seeing the little sales copies there is right away without having to rip open the envelope. They can read the headline and immediately see what there is on offer.

CD Mailers

This is a cross between dimensional mail and a standard mail piece. Though it mails flat, upon receiving it, you can feel its lumpy content inside. This is what provokes the recipient to open it. Inside the mailer, you may include a personalized lift note or simply a short letter. One thing you must not do is to put your offer in the letter. The moment you do this, your prospect may find no reason to sit down and listen to the CD. As a result, they will miss out on one of the most powerful sales tool.

Lastly, there is the dimensional mail format which is a direct mail graphic design you may go for if you want your mail to stand out in the mailbox. It is particularly invaluable when trying to get attention in niches considered hard-to-reach such as business executives and medical professionals.

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