The Pros and Cons of Coded Websites

The Pros and Cons of Coded Websites

Anytime you want to develop an appropriate website for your small business or institution, you can either go for a website template or hire a professional web designer/developer who can design a custom coded website for you. In this hard economic times when many people need financial help, it can only be prudent to go with the option that will not leave a big dent in your bank account while still offering you the best quality services.

Though the two options are both quite fashionable in the world of e-Commerce, the custom coded websites seem to have an edge over website templates, especially among the small business owners who are seeking to stand out from their competition and give their brand a more professional outlook.

The Pros of Custom Coded Websites

Unique Design

With a custom coded website design, you are assured of a unique website that doesn’t resemble any other in the world. Custom coding makes it possible to develop a website right from scratch, as per the unique needs of a given brand. One can choose text font and size, colour themes, design and layout, plus many more other features that will ultimately result in a totally unique overall design.  The uniqueness of your website is what makes your brand to stand out of the crowd, attracting more traffic and conversions, hence giving you an advantage over your competition.

Flexible and Comes with Long-Term Scalability

Custom coded websites are quite flexible, unlike their theme-based counterparts. This means that you can make any necessary changes over time so as to meet the needs of your growing business. More pages and features can be added, or even the feel and look of the entire site can be overhauled over time as newer e-commerce technology sets in. This makes the custom coded websites more ideal for any long-term business arrangement.

Better User Experience

This is actually one of the main reasons why many people choose custom coded web design over the template-based one. The fact that it is user-friendly ensures that you can smoothly update content as well as easily implement features which enhance your website’s functionality.

The Cons of Coded Web Design

But just like anything else, custom designed websites come with their fair share of cons that one needs to understand well in order to make an informed choice.

It is Costly

With many people facing tough financial times and many small businesses sinking into burdensome debt, the last thing you need is any expensive investment that might sink your business into more debt and push you to seek for credit card help from the professionals. The fact that it needs a huge initial investment is one of the biggest disadvantages of any custom coded website.

The high cost is mostly brought about by the fact that a lot of prior research and planning is necessary in order to see to it that the overall design of the site satisfies the unique requirements of a particular business. The website also needs to go through the hands of many experts such as web designers, web developers, SEO professionals and programmers before it is finally ready. All these stages escalate the cost.

Time Consuming

Given that a custom website needs a lot of planning and research, whereby there must be a clear collaboration between all the experts involved, the whole process ends up being time-consuming. Custom coding also requires that the site is built from scratch. If your business needed a website urgently, the delays will affect its operations.

Tedious to Develop as Well as Manage

Besides being time-consuming the process of developing custom coded websites is also very daunting. A lot goes into the process especially in research, planning and development whereby lots of designing and programming is required. Besides, if you have no IT background, making updates to the website might be a nightmare for you and seeking the assistance of the professionals at might be an excellent idea.