How to Make Your Website Stand Out in a Competitive Industry

How to Make Your Website Stand Out in a Competitive Industry

If you work in a competitive industry like law or tourism, you are going to need to stand out from the crowd in all aspects of your business; however your website should be one of the priority aspects. Most business happens either through or because of a good website in today’s world and so it’s vital that yours doesn’t look like the rest of the hundreds of humdrum boring ones out there.



Some people might recommend staying away from WordPress, but I’m not one of those people (unless you have an e-commerce business) because WordPress is easy to use and it’s cheap to get, so it makes perfect sense. There’s also loads of help for specific industries like finding out the top WordPress themes for lawyers or whatever your specific industry is. This means your theme will be suited to you and standout from your competitors.


There’s a bad trend that some people use when web designing and that’s to ensure that every aspect of the site is colored in or has some form of pattern or picture on it. The correct use of whitespace will make your site look very professional, elegant, and sleek. Don’t leave massive areas of the stuff, but make sure you don’t fill in every section of the site, either.

Be Bold

When coupled with the point above, having a large, bold typeface can really work well. It creates an illusion of a company that is no nonsense and assured of its own authority. A website is all about creating an image and letting clients and customers know exactly what you are about and how you play the game.

A Thousand Words

Pictures may tell a thousand words, just make sure they’re the right words. Inappropriate use of pictures can be many a site’s downfall, so make sure you stick to simple, unadorned pictures or opt for a quirky illustration, just make sure the illustration is professional looking and not something a four year old could do.

Big Buttons

Big buttons with commands written on them compel the reader to click on them, whether they’re a button that says ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘CONTACT US TODAY’, make the button stand out and make it one of the first things a customer will see.  If a customer has to search round the site to find where they need to go they will probably get bored and find some other site – especially if they are using a mobile device.


Words are so last century. If you want to be at the forefront of the modern world you need to say everything you want with the use of a few small icons that immediately tell people where they go without actually saying it. What at one time was fun and quirky is now the norm and it helps people remember your site as they associate it with the physical image of the icons and any logos you deploy.

There are hundreds and hundreds of articles and webpages on the internet that are dedicated to designing the best websites, especially for businesses as it is such an important aspect, so stop trying to do it yourself, blindly adding in pictures from Google, and find someone who knows what they’re doing or read these articles.

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