How To Develop Your Website

How To Develop Your Website

You can be confused by how many ways to develop a website there are. “How?” is your most significant solution in choosing the developing method. Using a site builder or a WordPress template, finding a freelancer or professional custom web development company can be suitable. All the information about these ways of developing your website is described below to figure out what matches to your demands and if you want to learn more about web development process, click here.


Who may use it? If you cook well and want to share your recipes, this option is quite suitable for you. These websites are mostly for entertainment and do not refer to business.


  • The site can be launched very quickly
  • For this project, you need little money.


  • Advertisements simply tell no true, if you expect fast, beautiful, easy-to-operate website and want over 5 pages, well, in fact, you will face some problems here.
  • You spend less money but at the same time, you spend more time on it.
  • A fee is to be paid every month.
  • You won’t get the full potential of what Internet can offer. Still, you can add pictures, text, and even modules but, anyway, this system has its limits.
  • Another downside is that such websites have lower ranks on Google because of their similarity. It has its own effect on promotion and you won’t see your website at tops.
  • Most systems bring you to buy a premium account to get rid of the advertisement on your own website.
  • Your site will be based on foreign server and you wouldn’t get full control of your site.
  • This kind of website is not your own one. You just use someone else’s template.


Who may use it? If you run a small company or start building a startup, this option is for you. But you should understand that it is a temporary option that should last just 2 or 3 years. However, within this period you will face several holdup problems.


  • A wide range of templates you can choose from. You can even find free ones.
  • Variety of modules.
  • This type of website is very popular among many companies.
  • It is cheaper to develop template website than custom one.


  • The work speed of WordPress websites depends on the flow of visitors. The more viewers there are, the slower it works.
  • You also deal with fact that you have to spend more money for good hosting to improve your download speed.
  • You will find on the Internet most free modules that have critical vulnerabilities.
  • It is easy to quickly develop your own website using the plain template, but when you will want to change it and work with it, you will meet some difficulties and spend your money.
  • The main problem of these popular platforms that it easily can be hacked.
  • Custom websites are always ranked by search engines higher than templates sites.


Who may do this? It is a good way for a person or company experienced in design, UX, programming, etc. to deal with work with freelancers.


  • In comparison with the pricing of custom web design from website development companies it is much cheaper.


  • The bad thing is that delivery timing depends on how long it takes freelancers to complete their work. It can be much worse if they leave the project and you with no money and no website development.
  • Working with freelancers you are limited to what they are able to do. It means that for each service like, for example, photography for an SEO campaign, you will need a certain person or team. Large web development company like Direct Line Development offers a full package service.
  • Your tasks and instructions are to be well-planned and easy-to-understand for freelancers, meaning that you understand and have a good background in web design and web development services.
  • It often happens that freelancers work without contracts so you can meet such things as copyright infringement even it was out of your control.


Who may do this? This option is for those who want to increase the flow of new clients from the Internet no matter how big is your company and what business you run.


  • It is considered as a long time project and many companies usually use custom websites for three or five years. In this case, the development is cheaper than all the other variants.
  • A professional web development company describes the future results and plans visual details (video, images) and services such as SEO, hosting, social media marketing and so on. They will lead you through all the steps of website development process.
  • The company has obligations towards the client and owe to follow the terms and conditions and give a quality of work that operates within the law. For example, we have our in-house photographer to make you not worry about legally downloaded pictures and images.
  • The most important thing is the incredible result. Have a look at our portfolio! These brought-to-life projects give our customers all the advantages of custom-built website: it functions perfectly and attracts new clients every day.


  • You should choose the web development company with no haste and study their works thoroughly. In fact, custom website they would develop for you might appear to be WordPress website.
  • Specificity of this method takes longer time than other options because the speed of communication with a client, multiple customers, etc. have their influence.
  • It can take a lot of money at the beginning but there is a very budget-friendly solution. Our company Direct Line Development can offer 12 months of financing with no interest. So you could feel comfortable with your expenses.


Keep in mind that your website should reflect your business and your company. You should understand it when deciding to build website yourself. In fact, a website created with site-makers like wix often don’t match the ambitions of large companies and entrepreneurs. If a person is a professional web developer himself or the site is supposed to be less than half a year, it is a good solution to create website. That idea works with WordPress templates too. We have reviewed all the disadvantages of templates websites, so we will not focus on them much here. Anyway, this type of sites should be considered as a short-term project for a serious business owner. If you are at the very first steps of building a startup or sole proprietorships with little money for investments, this type of site is a good decision for you. Passwords, credit card, and other personal information are an easy target for hackers because of security weaknesses of such websites. So you have to think it over thoroughly before requesting this kind of information.

If you want to launch your site at a particular time, freelancers are not the way to make the task. Your project also will depend on their schedule and on what freelance developers are able to do, meaning that you need multiple freelancers for the single project. It also can be risky for your wallet and business if they leave the project incomplete because, in most cases, there are no contracts. And that also provides food for thought.

In comparison with above-described methods developing website by professional web development company gives more advantages for your business. They offer full package services that simplify all the steps of making custom web design. As you can monitor all the process at every stage of web development, you take part in it so our team can find the best web and software development solutions to reflect business vision and needs. Yes, it is more expensive but it will pay you off many times over and over again. Your custom website will become a useful business tool with long-term potential that easy to operate, All you have to do will be taking care of other factors of your business while the site will work for you. If you want to see business growth and enlarge its perspectives we suggest you review different professional web design studios to choose the most appropriate one for you.

If you consider us as the ones who can fit all your requirements, we at web development company Direct Line Development will do our best to make you happy with end results.

Contact us if you see us as a web development company to build your solid online presence  or if you have questions about website you want or already have.

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