5 Things Coders Learned So Far in 2018

5 Things Coders Learned So Far in 2018

The field of programming is an evergreen world where coders need to stay fresh on languages, syntax, protocols, standards and industry trends to stay afloat. Already, in 2018, coders are learning valuable lessons by watching the industry evolve and new technologies emerge. Check out these top 5 things coders have learned so far this year to help yourself stay informed and ready to engage in any software, web, or app development market.

1. Libraries are Essential

Programming libraries are collections of code that can be used repeatedly across multiple projects. They contain code that provides universal functions and help coders save time and avoid redundant coding. Libraries like the popular jQuery are growing in terms of features and reliability throughout 2018 and should be in every coder’s toolkit. As corporate and start-up companies realize the benefits of programming libraries, it’s becoming more important to start your own collection of third-party libraries to keep up with industry paces.

2. The Importance of Knowing Multiple Languages

While it was once acceptable to have a foundation in only JavaScript or C#, employers are now seeking coders who are versed in new and emerging languages, as well as pre-existing languages once thought to be off the beaten path. Swift is a good example of a language coders are learning in 2018 and finding to be an indispensable addition to their skill set. Other emerging languages to keep an eye on for 2018 include Rust and Elm.

3. Efficiency is Key

The code required to create apps and control functions on smartphones, computers, and games is becoming increasingly complex. With this in mind, libraries and new languages will help keep your code efficient and brief, and save you time while building complicated apps. Coders are learning to utilize appropriate IDEs like Eclipse for Java to write more efficiently and make better use of their time. IDEs that provide automated bug checking and well-organized color coding of lines will also help you stay current with efficiency standards as coding becomes more advanced and complicated throughout 2018.

Efficiency is especially important in web development, due to load times and browser rendering required to give users a positive experience. This can be helped in part by choosing solid and fast web hosting plans to store your code for both public use and testing purposes. Web hosting speed variables can significantly affect the speed of your web apps.

4. Cyber Security is Increasingly Important

For many companies and organizations, cyber security is no longer the sole responsibility of a network security specialist. Programmers are expected to take care of loopholes and vulnerabilities that could arise from the coding of any web or local software application. Cyber Security vulnerabilities can wreak havoc on a brand or company reputation, so programmers are learning to take extra care when creating forms and features that allow users to interact with web servers and databases. Make sure to follow security protocols while writing your code and look at your finished projects from a security perspective to stay on top of this trend.

5. AI and Machine Learning Are Here to Stay

Perhaps the biggest trends to emerge in 2018 are Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Programmers are at the front-line of these new industry sectors, making functional software that interacts in an almost human-like manner. AI and machine learning are useful in customer service, via chat bots and helplines that are being used everywhere from retail websites to governmental agencies, and in robotics, healthcare, and defense sectors. Informed coders are flocking to AI and machine learning training camps to get ahead of the curve and get a foot in the door in this new industry.

The language and niche you prefer to code in is fortunately less relevant in the fields of AI and machine learning than the basic concepts and progress you can make. Machine learning and AI are being developed in nearly every language, with major companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung bankrolling cutting-edge developments. Coders in every specialty are expecting and seeing measurable growth in these areas in 2018, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

With the growing trends of emerging languages, libraries, and efficiency-based programming tools, coders are learning the expectations of them are growing in 2018. Many of the tasks that once took meticulous rebuilding of code can now be accomplished in seconds by pasting library scripts into your work, but you’ll need to stay current on modern programming libraries to take advantage of this time-saving technique.

By learning how to program effective AI and analyzing the current machine learning trend you will be able to stay on top of your field and make good money while programming. Major companies and industry experts are sharing these techniques and trends to contribute to the growth of developers everywhere, so it’s best to become informed early on and make the most of this year in programming.

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