5 Most Important Factors To Keep in Mind When Designing A Website

5 Most Important Factors To Keep in Mind When Designing A Website

Are you a business owner looking to design a website for your product or service? One key is to put yourself in the shoes of the visitors. Abandoning a website within few minutes is equivalent to walking out of the physical store unhappy and dissatisfied with its appearance and display of products.

These days online presence is as important as offline presence, and this is why owners wish to create a website of their own, so as to attract visitors to their website and convert them to customers. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, it is equally important to design a website that is easy to use, is visually appealing, has a call to action and is interactive.

Seems like a difficult task to you? Do not worry, these factors can help you design the perfect website. Here we go!


There is no point in creating a website just for the sake of it and loading it with information that serves little purpose and is of hardly any use to the visitors. Using relevant content, one that provides viewers with the information they are looking for, would make them stay longer on your website and ultimately convert them.

Also remember, video content is more engaging than textual content. Before designing your website, conduct research about what your top selling companies in your domain are writing on their websites, and use this information to create content for your website. Content management is now made easier with the release of drupal 8 module development feature.


A website speaks a lot about you as a business, and if you have a website that looks messy and very unprofessional, visitors are bound to leave your website within minutes or seconds. Just like functionality, the look and feel of your website is also important. To make your website more appealing, pay a lot of attention to the colours, images, font that you are using.


If a visitor can’t find what he is looking for, just because your content is hidden under tabs, you are bound to lose on business. Make your website easy to navigate, a website that an average user can use with ease. If the information is cluttered, and navigation between the tabs is difficult, the visitors are more likely to leave.

Mobile friendliness

With the advancement in technology, new cell phones, with cutting edge technology, are being launched almost every day. Due to their durability and ease of convenience, people find it easier to use a mobile phone than a laptop.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you lose out on more than 50% business. Having a website that does not work on a mobile simply shows that you do not care for your customers. Your visitors won’t even think twice before switching to another website that works on a mobile. Their convenience is of more importance to them.

Customer Experience

As a business, you should remember that ‘Customer is King’ and strive to do everything that gives the customer a meaningful experience. From displaying your contact information at the right places, to giving out your social media handles, to having chatbots for quick interaction, you should not leave out any medium of engaging your audience. It is important that you value your visitors’ time and convenience.

Every website should serve the purpose it was designed for! Wasting time and effort on a website that does not satisfy the visitor is not a wise move. Keeping these factors in mind, you can create a website that is a visual delight for them and gives them what they are looking for.

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