How to Effectively Promote Infographics Across the Internet

How to Effectively Promote Infographics Across the Internet

Advertising and marketing are at the heart of your business goals. Without a solid plan for both, do you really think many consumers will get a true idea of what your brand has to offer?

That said there are myriad of ways to promote your brand within both advertising and marketing. How effective each will be typically boils down to the time, effort, and of course money invested in them.

One of the ways to effectively get your brand message out to consumers is via content marketing. The question then becomes, do you know what you want to say to consumers?

Tell a Story, Paint a Picture

In order for your brand to make a splash with the public, deploying content marketing is always a good recommendation.

With content marketing in your sales pitches, emails, and on your blog, you can tell your company’s story, notably how your products and/or services will make a difference in the lives of consumers.

If you do not already have a blog on your website, here are some tips for getting it going correctly from day one:

  • Message – What do you want to tell consumers? Just throwing copy up on a screen isn’t going to cut it. Define your message with each and every blog post you author. It is fine to have guest blog posters, that is as long as the quality of content meets your hopefully high standards;
  • Images and Infographics – As important as the content’s message is, do you really think consumers will just sit at their computers or on their mobile devices and read mounds of copy all day? Having the right graphic design on all of your brand messages is equally important to producing solid copy. As for images, always come up with pictures showcase happy people, animals etc. The last thing you want to do with an excellently written piece of blog copy is bring the reader’s mood down with a dour image. When you have uplifting imagery in your content, you are better positioned to potentially make a sale. Along with stellar images, infographics can be so beneficial for several reasons. One, they also tell a story, just through images, graphics, charts etc. Secondly, they paint you as more authoritative and knowledgeable in your respective field or those you follow. Being informative and authoritative as a marketer puts your brand in a better light with consumers. When designing the infographics of choice for any content, keep them interesting and yet somewhat simple. Always keep in mind that many consumers have short attention spans, so giving them a never-ending piece of content with too many images and/or too much of an infographics presentation could ironically hurt your cause;
  • Mobile marketing – Lastly, on what level are you producing mobile marketing initiatives? If the answer is infrequently or none at all, give serious consideration to changing that the remainder of this year and years to come. As more consumers browse and ultimately buy goods and services from their mobile devices, brands must be there to satisfy consumer needs. If you want to (and you should) use sound imagery and even infographics in your mobile marketing pursuits, a couple items of note. First, the images and/or infographics need to flow nicely on any mobile devices. Remember, those pictures and infographics that look all nice and neat on desktop or laptop computers will have a different layout on hand-held devices. Be sure that they do not come across as looking mushed and unattractive. Second, you’re going to have to keep the smaller scale in mind when choosing photos to run with your mobile marketing pitches. Photos again look unnatural on a smaller screen may come across to the viewer as thrown together in a hurry or poorly chosen. There is nothing wrong with placing images and/or infographics in mobile pitches (in fact, it is encouraged), just take a little extra time to get it right.

Whether you are a longtime marketer or advertiser or just getting started, designing a winning campaign with each initiative you do is important.

By using the right images and infographics in your content and other marketing and advertising pitches, you can paint a winning picture time and time again.

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