Hiring a Coder Made Easier with Mettl

Hiring a Coder Made Easier with Mettl

The struggle for technical skill is real and not that simple to break. Understanding and missing on a worthwhile applicant, in that case, hurts the technical hirers. Consequently, from a restricted number of coders available, it becomes very critical to examine the one who have a slight more edge over the others.

The next phase is to assess the applicants. There are a number of ways evaluate the applicants. As the recruiters already have a lot of ways on how to evaluate them but the main issue is to select a path to evaluate applicants on particular capabilities and expertise required. That is why, the business organizations choose for online evaluations to meet their organization requirements.

Selecting the right platform to carry out online coding test is a tough decision for the purpose of recognizing the expertise and ability amongst the list of applicants. Online coding test helps in simplifying the technical hiring and training of Developers with comprehensive and automated evaluations which ensures an ideal candidate in terms of the required skills and other required abilities and parameters. The candidate is not just evaluated on the basis of the language but his understanding and awareness of frameworks, tools, libraries and the practical experience on the needed technology or skill which makes it a perfect match.

Candidates should be assessed on basis of personality, capability and skill. The thing that distinguishes Mettl from the other majority of evaluating platforms is the breadth and the profoundness of the analytics, content and the services. Also, there is an all-around assessment tool available on the platform which besides concentrating on the coding abilities also focuses on the cognitive and behavioural skills of the applicant.

The services of Mettl are proficient, customized and reporting to the managers and the simulators are both frontend and backend as compared to other platforms which are only backend. It provides 24×7 email, chat, tech support and On-ground support. Other major platforms do not provide On-ground support. The content is readily available in its library and the option of custom content creation is also available. The technology is Hands-on simulators available with auto-grading. The customization of the content is highly flexible with the availability to build your own questions and content. The other platforms also provide customization but are not that much flexible. The reporting in Mettl is auto-graded real-time reports, available with profound analysis of the candidate’s experience which makes it different and unique from other platforms which only provide standard report format without any customization. The platform is integrated with Human Resources Management System. It also provides the assessment of cognitive and behavioural skills of the applicants along with the speed and accuracy on a single platform. It is an integrated service to assess and evaluate the candidate completely and thoroughly.

As the behaviour and personality of an applicant will be impacting the business outcomes, so understanding the behaviour and personality of an applicant is very critical. A coder is who writes code for computer programs but is that sufficient? It is important to evaluate, whether he/she will fit into the organization’s culture and he/she is quick and active in learning. Many times, candidates represent some dark traits which can affect the organization’s culture and employees’ relation in many ways.

Mettl provides psychometric tests which helps in measuring crucial immeasurable and provides insights into attributes and traits and work behaviour. It helps in leveraging the best of an applicant by figuring out his/her real ability. The psychometric team prepares and provides standardized questions with regard to demographics on the basis of big five personality traits. The reports are generated on the basis of data derived from these psychometric tests and are valid, easy to interpret and are reliable. The traits and determinants of personality are openness, extraversion, emotional stability, conscientiousness and agreeableness.

Recruiting a perfect coder will be of no use if he/she leaves the organization soon after being hired. In past employers used to assess the employees in the basis of their skills and abilities only. The evaluation and assessment of interest level and growth level of the employees in the organization is very important and at the regular intervals. For the development of employees in the technical field it is very important to identify the training needs. For organizational planning, employee retention and high potential recognition training and development of employees is very crucial.

Employees are the backbone of the organization, as without them organization cannot exist. The employee skills and awareness related to the field will be an extra advantage to the company. The cognitive assessment measures the capability of an employee to learn and application of the skills learnt in the job. The quality of applicants hired by an organization will depend on the precise and accurate ways to measure coder’s cognitive intelligence.

The cognitive abilities are general intelligence factor which is needed in the functions which require intelligence. It is accountable for accomplishment of direct correlations which reflects the employee’s performance. The four central cognitive brain processes which are directly linked or impact the cognitive intelligence are speed, visualization, attention and memory. The general intelligence factor consists of two parts: Crystallized intelligence and Fluid intelligence.

To recruit an applicant for a role of programming, it is required to assess them on the basis of their capability of absorbing latest information for solving problems, the ability to understand things, and their mental abilities. It is very much required to evaluate the coder on the basis of critical and logical reasoning, i.e., the capability to use and retrieve information which has been obtained over a period of time to carry out some specific functions. If an applicant just has the basic knowledge of programming or coding, examining him/her on these benchmarks will prove a blow in your opinion.

However, a single attempt cannot provide clarity. It comes with a number of attempts carried out in a single direction. In the same way, while recruiting programmers, it is crucial to measure their ability on a number of parameters away from only coding skills.

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