3 Landing Pages All Healthcare Professionals Can Learn From

3 Landing Pages All Healthcare Professionals Can Learn From

As you know, digitally marketing your healthcare services is becoming increasingly important in today’s marketplace. If you want to be competitive and put your name in front of the right patients, then you must understand how to attract and convert internet users. And while there are plenty of strategies, developing compelling landing pages is one of the most effective.

Takeaways From 3 Real World Case Studies

The problem with internet marketing in the healthcare profession is that so much of what we see and hear is based on an issue or example out of a textbook. If you really want to learn what effective marketing and lead capture strategies look like, then your attention must be focused on actual examples. With that in mind, here are three real world case studies you can learn from.

1. Smile Logic Orthodontics

This landing page from Smile Logic Orthodontics in South Brunswick, New Jersey, does a few things really well. Let’s highlight two in particular:

  • Funnel of information: While the untrained eye may not recognize it at first, this landing page does an exceptional job of gently nudging users through a funnel. The page starts by pointing out the root of the issue (crowding of the teeth during adolescence), clearly explains why this is problematic, and then outlines the treatment options available. This logical flow of information draws users in and engages them.
  • Quality visuals: The second thing this landing page does very well is provide quality visuals. Without these visuals, it would be challenging for users to fully understand the call to action. The images at the top show the difference between mild, moderate, and sever crowding, while the video at the bottom cements the call to action.

This landing page certainly ends up on the lengthy side of the spectrum, but it does a nice job of efficiently using all of the content it presents. It never feels like there’s any “fluff” or “filler,” which prevents people from bouncing.

2. Einstein Medical

This landing page by Einstein Medical is nearly perfect – which makes sense, since they are a medical marketing company. While we could discuss any number of elements, let’s briefly hone in on a couple:

  • Social proof: When it comes to products and services related to healthcare and medicine, people want to feel comfortable. What’s the best way to make users feel comfortable? Provide them with proof that something works. This page includes three different quotes from clients, which is a popular social proof tactic.
  • Brevity: Much of the strength of this page lies in its brevity. The page is succinct and to-the-point. There isn’t much time or space for the user to get distracted. When you’re trying to encourage users to sign up for something, the “less is more” mantra generally holds true.

There’s nothing flashy or incredibly unique about this landing page, but it fulfills its purpose. In other words, it encourages people to follow through on the “Start My Audit” call to action.

3. Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

The third case study we want to look at is the landing page for Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Texas. Going along with the theme of the other two examples, let’s highlight two valuable takeaways:

  • Video: One of the most powerful elements you can include on a landing page is video. This page does a phenomenal job of including a video testimonial – which is one of the top forms of social proof – right at the top of the page. The video is one of the first things you see and encourages easy clicking. It’s also important to note the length of the video. It’s 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, which is an ideal length. Any shorter and the video wouldn’t contain enough content. Any longer and it wouldn’t hold the average user’s attention.
  • Simple conversion: The second thing we want to look at is the conversion form to the right of the video. Notice that the conversion form is small and brief. It only asks for three pieces of information – name, phone number, and email address – which doesn’t overwhelm the user.

While this page is a little busier than the other case studies, it’s a great example of another way to push users through the conversion funnel.

Build Your Own Dynamic Landing Pages

The thought of investing time, money, and energy into a landing page and constantly monitoring the results can seem overwhelming. However, you must start somewhere. Dive in and begin building your own dynamic landing pages. You’ll make some mistakes, but you’ll also see some pretty incredible things happen. Over time, you’ll learn what works. Apply the lessons from these three case studies and get started today!

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